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Retired electronics in the Czech Republic can not be handed over to all the redeemed

The sorting of waste, especially packaging, belongs to the Czechs nejzpůsobilejším EU nations. Even though the Czech nation loses in the rules, which set specialized waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

While in 2014, people could take appliances into any ransom they can now retired electrical receive only the purchase plants that have established a recycling station. Otherwise they treat a given electro illegally.

Each Bohemia annually produces approximately 310 kg of municipal waste, which must not only fluorescent lamps, batteries, and electrical appliances. The directive, which underlies and Czech elektronovela Waste Act therefore requires that any electrical device or discharged batteries should not end without further use. Because of the retired electronics accept only processor electrical, last vendor electrical or other entity operating a collection point for recycling station. "Very accessible collection points are set up electrical retailers or ransom, or the collection of secondary raw materials, which have established such a place. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly popular to have retired appliances in the project either lazy free to take directly from home, "explains David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which is engaged in taking back old electrical appliances and batteries.

At present, there are other ways to responsibly for the environment to get rid of unwanted electronics to ensure its further use. In addition to outlets can take unneeded instrument and sellers of appliances with a sales area of over four hundred square meters "Large retailers have a duty to take all the free small appliances and forward them for recycling. And that's without purchasing new goods, which in the past often required, "adds Vandrovec.

Collection centers will ensure re-use of materials

One of the commonly used options to get rid of a retired electrical appliances have become secondary raw materials collection center. While in 2014, people could take appliances into any ransom they can now retired electrical receive only the purchase plants that have established a recycling station. If the collection center set up these special places have not authorized electronic and other equipment to take. "People often are not sure where to take redeemed appliances, and it may demotivate the broken device passed on for recycling. While today there are clever ways of waste management, the collection centers ensure its utilization and processing of all materials used, "explains Jan Ilavský of TSR, which has at its plants established place of return and provides collection, purchase and processing of scrap metal, but and I retired electrical.

Among the most frequently handed in EEE include large household appliances such as washing machines or cookers. Such waste is by processors should be seen as a valuable resource and use it as a source material, making it possible to save primary source for the production of new appliances. "The law is guaranteed to comply with the complex path of surrender appliances to recycling including the provision of material yield, compliance with legal requirements, "said Vandrovec. Unsecured appliances and electronic waste ending up in landfills, they represent a major environmental hazard, but also material losses.

Recycling can be considered a responsible approach to the environment, but also as a way to further extraction of raw materials and energy. It is necessary, therefore, to cooperate with professional processors who are able to maximally utilize various kinds of materials. "Each material can be processed to match the prescribed extent of its further use. For example, for large domestic appliances we can use the materials to 90%, then the extra energy 7%, "said Stanislav Petr.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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