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Rio Olympic Park - Lipno declassified program

The whole neighborhood Lipno dam in August will be pretty busy. Rio Olympic Park - Lipno 2016 going to surprise a lot of visitors including premiere Pediatric Olympic camps.

Anyone who arrives in South Bohemia summer sports to try and cheer for our athletes will also witness many senior competitions and exhibitions with international participation. The top will be running the marathon, which will take place in Brazil as the last day of the Games XXXI. Olympiad.

"We want people to showcase summer sports in all their diversity. Therefore, visitors will be able to venues all around Lipna try each discipline yourself and also see their peak form by top athletes. We are pleased that with our sports associations and individual municipalities to cooperate with the program and will result in August was very rich offer of events. Adults and children will be entertained from morning to night, to bet shoes, "he says with a smile Jan Plachy, under which the organization of the sports program falls within the Olympic Park.

But a few can already draw attention to the national championship in water slalom, triathlon and yachting at an attractive races in offshore rowing, beach volleyball tournament of national teams to 18 years in basketball or golf tournament in the Czech Krumlov. "Will that but much more. Coming soon need a football match Internacional TeamEuro96 led by Pavel Kuko against Dynamo Czech Budejovice 35 headed by Karel Poborským. Likewise, we will present an exhibition volleyball team and many other famous athletes and teams, "says Shy.

Its place in the park can also find neolympijské sports, which in recent years has enjoyed increasing popularity. Therefore, visitors can try a ride on paddleboardech and participate in the race for the public or watch the nightly sprint pros. The program will also be simultaneous games of chess, trainings attractive sports such as rugby or baseball or football-tennis show. "Needless to say, sports and accompanying program are still being finalized. Everyone in August Olympic Park Rio - Lipno visit, but now may enjoy the unique experiences that will remain in it for a long time. And if the children because they find their way to any of the sports, it's best acknowledgment of our work, "he concludes shy.

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