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Festival of lights in the Tyrol or the Zugspitze in flames

June 18, 2016 was ablaze traditional mountain fire and lit up the whole area Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Fires will plate to celebrate the longest day and shortest night of the year.

25 groups in the region, the mountain of fire preparation, placing on the slopes of the Zugspitze, Grubigstein, Sonnenspitze and Marienberg about 10,000 fires.

As soon as dusk starts on June 18, irradiated Mountain Christian symbols such as crosses and pictures of Jesus or regional themes such as Tyrolean eagle. Valley near the village of Ehrwald, Lermoos and Biberwier forms a perfect backdrop. Visitors will have a 360 ° panoramic view of the play of flames. Mountain fires have their origin in the Middle Ages. From the 14th century on Midsummer's Eve they kindle a fire in the mountains to exorcise demons and evil spirits. In 2010 UNESCO declared the mountain fire in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena for the intangible cultural heritage.

Precision work for lighters mountain fires

Groups to prepare the mountain fires every year dare to cross boundaries already established. Once Tiroler Zugspitz Arena lit simple crosses, there are already finished burning artwork. Symbols that are up to the last moment, kept strictly secret, extend into a length of 200 meters. The position of fires must be carefully calculated and correspondingly shifted according to the slope to prospect for audiences in the Valley agreed. For each theme must be filled with rapeseed oil and sawdust to 700 bags. Shortly before dusk, June 18, 2016 are all lighter fires ready at their posts in order to ignite the fire in the planned order. The rain with mountain fires a week move.

The area Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Region Tiroler Zugspitz Arena lies on the Austrian side of the Zugspitze in Tyrol Außerfern, set among the mountains of Wetterstein with the Zugspitze in the north and the mountains Mieminger Kette in the south. Includes Ehrwald, Lermoos, Berwang, Bichlbach, Biberwier, Heiterwang am See, Lähn-Wengle and Namlos. Zugspitze mountain border, which lies between Germany and Austria. It is available both from the German and from the Austrian side. From the village Ehrwald leads to the western summit of the Zugspitze funicular Tiroler Zugspitzbahn.

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