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Nine tips on how to prepare the body for artificial insemination

Conceive a child with the help of medical methods means for each pair of significant physical and psychological stress. Often it is associated with this surgery and higher financing costs. Also wondering what the well-being of the entire process can be done concretely this yourself? We will try to get a clue.

9 following recommendations may increase the chances of a successful family. The basic advice is simple: Do what you thrive and avoid all risks.

Eat well. Good and varied diet should contain enough fiber - certainly not based on sugar intake. Avoid chemically governed foods, hydrogenated fats and alcohol. Try to consume enough protein, but if soybean be omitted.

Remember the natural oils. Thus, to receive very important unsaturated fatty acids. That means having enough nuts and seeds. A good source is the avocado or fish caught at greater distances from the coast (due to contamination by heavy metals).

Exercise, but with reason. It is suitable times a week as walking or special yoga. Correctly selected movement reduces stress and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Avoid too exhausting trainings.

Try alternatives. If you have the confidence to acupuncture and meditation, you can also try. It probably will not hurt you and perhaps you will have a good feeling. Be careful, however, by whom and at what level of services it provides.

Limit stimulants. Organism benefit from a reduction in caffeine intake, mainly coffee, energy drinks and black tea.

Buy smart. Choose quality food and try to reduce the flow of pollutants. Do not be lured to any "detox", which are often contrary introduced into the body of foreign substances.

Get some rest. At least one month before artificial insemination can indulge at least 8 hours of quality sleep a day. If it will be possible to continuously and slept at night, give it precedence over ponocováním and dospáváním through the day.

Think of accessories. An important part of the preparation process of conception is folic acid. You can also choose a dietary supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10. Do not select by price, give priority to quality and certified products.

Live without smoke. F you smoke, stop.

If your circumstances permit, you go on vacation before treatment. Relax, release and you'll optimistic.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká

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