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Kašpárkohraní fills Sunday Letna music, theater, arts and sports

Prague's Letna Park will be Sunday, June 12 from 12-19 hours belong to children. The largest family festival for the eighth time Kašpárkohraní open their doors free of charge to all young lovers of music, theater, art and sport.

On Kašpárkohraní will play for dancing and listening Punch dogs, sing famous hits Jaroslav Uhlir and Jozini from the swamp to play Kašpárkohraní first time ever and Ivan Mládek Banjo Band. The unprecedented spectacle will take care of acrobatic stilt parades Long Vehicle Circus. There will also be a clown performances under the baton Circus Sacra and Theater Mimos. As the dog with a cat farmed play in the new administration Theatre Tondy Novotny and balloons of all shapes and colors conjures Vaclav r Strasse, which this year for fans and joins Bubble workshop.

Kašpárkohraní offer plenty of artistic activities from production through bead caps kašpárkovských, plackovací mozaikovací and workshops, to the architecture, handicrafts and music workshops. Of course on Kašpárkohraní a broad representation of sporting activities. Look forward to checking your soccer skills with AC Sparta Praha at skate camp with the republic champion Klara Kasparov, rugby, golf, boxing, hockey and other sports. First you learn to help with the Czech Red Cross and doctors from the Central Military Hospital, who will be happy to show a waiting ambulance equipment. The fire protection will traditionally introduce voluntary fire brigade Nebusice and Suchdol.

largest family festival in the Czech Republic supports the third year the association prematurity Nedoklubko, which brings together and helps parents of premature babies. The festival will be held collection of children's clothes sized 32 to 56.

created by children for children, the logo and the name of the festival created when nine-year daughter organizer Viktor Soucek Viktorka with acclaimed graphic designer Michal Skape. Artistic talent now eighteen years old Victoria Součková develops the Secondary School Jihlava - Helenín.

"The children were at the outset Kašpárkohraní, invented name, likeness logos and even collaborate on editing and delude radio spots,"
says festival organizer Viktor Soucek. "At a time when it began Kašpárkohraní, Prague had not been any similar events, only festivals for adults. Therefore, to me nine years ago my daughter came up with the idea to organize a festival just for kids, "says Soucek.

The festival will take place in any weather.

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