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Kindergartens often suffocates hope cigarette smoke

Today, dramatically increasing the number of couples who have problems with obtaining the desired babies. Contemporary medicine among other factors that affect women's fertility, identifies the main culprit tobacco.

It is reported that the pregnancy has problems to 60% of smokers. Infertility also rises with the number of cigarettes consumed. It depends thus also on the age when a woman with tobacco began. Generally, the more cigarettes, the longer it takes a woman to conceive, and the greater the threat of miscarriage and pregnancy risk.

Nature strikes

Scientists believe that infertility associated with smoking related to the fact that nature does not want the child to act toxic and carcinogenic substances harmful to the fetus. So how tobacco affects the female body? It was found that in smokers occurs menopause (the period when extinguished menstrual cycle and with it the ability to conceive) 4 years earlier than nonsmokers. The reason is the destruction of the so-called. Oocytes - eggs. These cells, which after merging with sperm give rise to new life, the presence of pollutants are highly sensitive and die. Their number is not limited, and after their death, no more can arise.

Uncertain assisted reproduction

In a world in which women do not want or can not wait to get pregnant naturally, there is the possibility of artificial insemination. Even here, however, smokers have won. The risk that the intervention does not lead and will not stop the birth of babies, is much greater than for nonsmokers. Also here, the risk increases with the number of consumed boxes.

Neither a positive test does not mean success

To make matters worse, cigarettes and increase the number of spontaneous abortions.
Malicious nicotine, cyanide and carbon monoxide penetrate the placenta and acts on the extremely sensitive fetus.
Nicotine causes vasoconstriction of blood vessels or download. And even those in the placenta, which supply nutrients and oxygen to the body of the unborn baby.
When throttling the vital arteries of fetus dies and the wife had a miscarriage.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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