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Attacks on schools in Syria: More and more children are losing access to education

In recent weeks, experienced teams of People in Need in northern Syria growing number of attacks on schools and other civilian infrastructure. In just the past two weeks it has been in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib hit by at least seven schools. Some were completely destroyed, and the class was just a jumble of rubble and twisted metal.

Aerial attacks on the city Saraquab in Idlib province caused the fourth June 13 injured civilians, destroyed schools and seriously damaged the local hospital so she had to cease operations. The next day was right in Idlib aerial bombardment hit and severely damaged one of the local schools. Another school building was then destroyed raid on the city Alzorbah near Aleppo Monday, the 6th June. In classrooms collapsed ceilings collapsed and was also part of the perimeter walls.

Just four days later, on the 10th June was an air raid struck the village of Oren. The attack destroyed many houses, injuring a family of three and damaged a school, which directly supports the People in Need. The building is about 100 meters from the blast site, so it was destroyed all the windows. Doors, fences and toilets need repairs. Due to the deteriorating security situation we had in the village of Oren temporarily stop working.

During a night attack on the town of Kfar Dael lying west of Aleppo was the 12th June completely destroyed the local elementary school. On the same day suffered severe damage and middle school in the nearby town Qubtan Aljabal. By Wednesday, the 15th June, planes bombed a school Bassam Shawi in Idlib. Besides the school building there was destroyed and many of the surrounding houses.

"We believe that because of these attacks ceased, many children attend schools in the same neighborhoods, because they are understandably afraid and knows what happened classmates of the affected schools. They are afraid of parents and in recent weeks, ceasing to send their children to school because of the rising frequency of attacks, "says Ali, coordinator of educational projects of People in Need in Syria.

People in Need supports 20 schools in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib. In helping them, 286 teachers and 8150 students. We train teachers and pay, provide them with educational toys, assemble evacuation plans and lead courses in first aid. We also provide school supplies and psychosocial support for students financially support the operation of school buildings and repairs.

Because of the poor security situation in the area are trying not only to extend access to quality education, but we also strive to ensure that schools for the children as possible a safe and friendly place. "In these days in which we operate, comes more and more displaced families with their children, "says Ali." It could be even more important to ensure that they have access to the school and damaged buildings have been repaired, "he adds.

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