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The level of school meals in the Czech Republic

School catering system operates in the Czech Republic for over 50 years. Currently in about 8 thousand canteens consumes over 123,000 children. Czech school canteens are unique in the world, offering a high quality food at very low prices, which make lunches are available for all. For greatest shortcomings experts consider low salaries of staff and poor eating habits of children.

Specialists agree that the Czech system of school meals, compared with other countries at a high level. Its biggest advantage is affordability served lunch, which costs on average 20 to 30 crowns. As a result, usability canteens at the limit of 80%. School catering facilities are constantly improving in quality and diversity of our lunch. "Generally, we can summarize that dining cope better prepare classic and meat dishes. Modern and vegetarian dishes, however, are more difficult for them to prepare. Even in this area, but condition is improving thanks to the support of specialized materials and projects from the National Health Institute and the Ministry of Health, "said Karel Jahoda, executive director of the Association cafeterias Czech Republic that are on school menus often get foods that you normally can not purchased in stores.

Food served in canteens domestic extensively and meet nutritional standards, which are determined by consumer basket. Czech School Inspection data show that in almost all kinds of food limit is adhered to at least 80%. The best situation is in the menu of meat, sugar and vegetables, where the limit of the consumer basket observed 95%. The lowest performance on the boarder will result in commodities milk, legumes, fruits and fish. "Legumes and fish are not accustomed to eat the children from the home, and therefore classified these canteens meals on the menu less often. For this reason it is necessary to inform their parents to teach children to eat all the food, "he explained the reason for non-fulfillment of limits of some kinds of food from Pavel Ludvik information portal Jí

The quality of school meals is affected not only by the frequency of foods, but also their degree of initial treatment and origin. "The performance of children in school has a positive effect and balanced diet of industrially processed foods. For this reason, only a quarter of schools, using fresh regional food, and more than half of the foods with a low degree of processing, "said Jan Peter from a company in this country offers a wide selection of healthy food supplements." Fresh or only lightly processed foods are growing children very important to retain because of high nutrient levels, "added Peter.

Although the system of school meals is constantly improving, still suffers from certain drawbacks. According to experts, they are reflected in the low salaries of the staff canteen and neglect of education staff and parents. In addition, experts also criticized the eating habits of children and in general their access to food. "A huge problem is the amount of food and the children returned without touching it. The reason for this is not yet the taste or appearance of food. The fact that children are surrounded by plenty of everything, meals often do not appreciate and fail to appreciate the work of people who give them daily food preparation, "said Karel Jahoda.

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