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You're a teenager and you have psoriasis? So what!

Being a teenager is often difficult in itself, let alone if you have to worry about their skin. You're trying to look your best, but because you have psoriasis on the skin dry and redness?

Dermatologist help

If psoriasis can not be completely cured, it can at least weaken its symptoms and prolong the intervals between individual eruptions. There are a number of products suitable for application to the affected areas. It is very important to hydrate dry place regularly. Other options include phototherapy - light treatment or taking medication for alleviating inflammation. It will be good if together with parents and the doctor will think about all the options and specify the most suitable one for you. Do not be afraid to ask about anything that interests you. It is also very important that the treatment plan was clear. Compliance is essential for good results and rapid improvement of skin condition.

Find out as much as possible

The more you know about psoriasis, the better you will cope with any stupid comments of your surroundings. Your loved ones can you explain that psoriasis is not contagious and that it does not produce anything that would cause itself. Food or poor hygiene in the disease play no role. Remember that the true friends to you never get back, and certainly not because of the appearance of your skin.

You're not in this alone

Psoriasis is not a disease so rare as you might think. Zapátrej on the internet and I'm sure you could find a group of people with the same disease, like yours. You can support each other, and who knows, maybe there you find friends for life. Of course, you can seek support even parents. Do not depressed and rather dedicate to their hobbies, sports or expression should be at the music festival.

Mask it

Psoriasis can be almost anywhere on the body. Most often, however, located on the elbows, knees or ankles. These places easily camouflage and wearing long pants and shirts with long sleeves. If you suffer dandruff, which unfortunately are also a common symptom of psoriasis, do not wear dark shirts on which scurf particularly striking.

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