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After the ceremony, the Olympic torch was shot dead jaguar

After yesterday's Olympic torch ceremony in Brazil, he was shot dead jaguar Juma. Jaguar was during the award ceremony of the Olympic torch held by two soldiers of the chain. At the ceremony it was due to the fact that the jaguar is the official mascot of the Olympics in Brazil. For Jaguar Jumu festive day ended in death.

The ceremony took place in the premises of the zoo. After that beast of attracting vacant and apparently wanted to run. After the sighting was a tranquilizer shot turned toward the soldiers and threatened to attack them. Jaguar was subsequently shot by shot from a pistol.

"We made ​​a mistake when we allowed to receive the Olympic torch, symbol of peace and unity, bound in chains next to a wild animal. Such a scene goes against our beliefs and values, "said organizing committee subsequently Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The committee will ensure that similar incidents will not happen again.

Animal rights activists such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) responded to statements in which pausing over why does anyone need to exhibit to show off its superiority by showing chained wild animals.

Video shows the progress of the ceremony, without shooting jaguar.


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