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She dropped the first flap star-studded family comedies earbuds on water

Playful family comedy about what happens when three fathers did not intend to abandon its plan for a stag party and decide to go down the Sázava and seven children - wives and unpredictable, despite the pitfalls, will premiere next spring.

Director Jiri Chlumsky Wednesday, June 15th started shooting a new Czech film earbuds on the water.
To canoe and raft sit boldly George Langmajer, Hynek Cermak and Pavel Liška with the enthusiastic support of child actors. Their partners will play Tatiana Vilhelmová, Anna and John Polívková Kvantiková. As a grandmother and grandfather Vaclav Lada, due to their golden wedding it all started, will feature Dana Syslová and Goldflam.

Summer comedy litle water arises from a screenplay by Marcel Bystroň, behind the camera stands Pavel Berkovič. Filming will take place August 13 mostly outdoors - in the Czech Sternberg, Soběšín, Kácov, Vlašim Prague, arrives in theaters 13. 4. 2017.

A little about the film:

Parents brothers Igor (George Langmajer) and David (Hynek Cermak) going golden wedding anniversary. From Canada, their cousin arrives Ondra (Pavel Liska), nature and a bit of an adventurer. Brothers think it would be best to go for parents to canoeing on the river only three, so like old times. But since the joint spanilých rides lot had changed. Perhaps that Igor and David are married and have children. Welcome dinner for Ondra, who arrives with his young girlfriend forsythia, inexorably changing disaster.

Zlatica (John Kvantiková), who longs for a child learns that Andy has a daughter, which she did not mention. Igor Nele his wife (Tatiana Vilhelmová) and their daughters in exchange for a stag party promised a family holiday, which can not leave for work. David's wife Alice (Anna Polívková) While you can not speak highly enough of her husband custody of their four children, but otherwise he is a quirky man in the household completely useless. And so, when a festive table disappears under layers of soot from the chimney, which David again forgot to fix all women lose their patience. They leave the Lords mercy of children and set off on bikes on a hen party. But fathers do not give up and decide to go on the water in canoes and all children - from four to fourteen Ducks teenage girl Elizabeth. And now a ten-day expedition sets sail on a cruise for an adventure and a lot of funny experiences ...

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