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Švandovo Theatre balances and preparing the new season

Attendance in excess of 90%, a high number of played performances, hosting and abroad behind the most successful periods in the modern history Švandovo theater. This is the balance Smíchov scene that in October 2016 he will celebrate 135 years since its founding - October 1 it will remind viewers ceremony of putting blockbuster productions Cry Baby Cry, which at that time also end up being 135. reruns ..

The theater also will step into the new season, which prepares seven premieres. These will include new game from Natalie Kocábová, Pied Piper in the title role with actress Klara Cibulkova copyright or three productions on the themes of "intimacy-anonymity-aggression" in the administration of four female directors. Celebrate a quarter century of existence coming up in September 2016 and set Cakes and Puppets. News also concern troupe, where in the 2016-2017 season, new faces appear.

Performing exchange and castling

Do involvement in Švandovo theater started Lubos Vesely. Actor known from many TV shows and episodes (Cases 1st Section, Crime in Polná, Jan Hus, First Republic ad.) Comes from the Vinohrady Theater, where conversely smíchovského shore leave Tomas Pavelka. The file also strengthens Tomas Petrik (Municipal Theatre in Kladno) and Marta Dancingerová - last year a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts has hosted the comedy Killing Johnny Glendenning, where she starred in the role of Kimberly flippant. Dramaturgical reinforcement is Libor Vodicka, who had previously worked here on earth Indifference titles and Garbage man. In Hamlet as Queen Gertrude begins to appear again Petra Hřebíčková, who returns from maternity leave while her colleague Susan Onufráková same reason demeanor Švandovo theater on time interrupted.

The best results in recent history

"The last season was the most successful period in recent history Švandovo theater," says its director, Daniel Hrbek. "Attendance and tržebnost increased by more than 5% to 94% of total traffic increased by 5% annually and self-sufficiency of the theater," Hrbek calculated. Only in 2015, played a set of 481 performances, of which 270 took place on the domestic scene, the rest of the theater co-organized or warm them on tours in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Gombárová Money Pied Piper Klara Cibulkova and homecoming Natalie Kocábová

The current condition of the theater also shows how the correct choice in the past was the artistic leadership headed by Dode Gombár, which is already the sixth year artistic director. "Whether it's hosting abroad or practically always sold-out performances at home in Smíchov, the reality of our original plans frogged," says Daniel Hrbek, Director Švandovo theater. It was also under his leadership profiles as a scene that opens the door to copyright theater, its spaces there are, but the original productions of classic and current games substances often written directly to "tailor" the existing file.

This trend will continue in the theater season 2016-2017, when preparing seven new titles. Season opens title despite Dependencies, tragicomedy about a battle with alcohol on all fronts, designed by a team of Dodo Gombár Švandovo theater. The premiere will be on the 24th September 2016 in the Great Hall.

Classic title in the new transcript and boutique directorial processing offers game Pied Piper hamelnské according to ancient legend. Screenplay by master Viktor Dyk wrote Martin Kinsky, in the title role of Pied Piper busiest actress currently see Švandovo Theatre Klara Cibulkova. Premiere at the Great Hall is scheduled for 5th November 2016 directed Doda Gombár.

His first stage putting up being the game money that so far the theater audience knows only from a staged reading at the New National Theatre. Winning drama competition anonymous text Alfred Radok Awards 2014 by Dodo Gombár as "theatrical stories that suddenly become single game." Under the direction of Nicolaus Tyce her audience first sees the Great Hall of the 18th March 2017.

The last premiere on the main stage will be the 25th May 2017 A new play by Natalie Kocábová, which - so far under the working title than leather - preparing director Daniel Hrbek. A story about the fact that from a certain age are homecomings painful to be borne by the author of some autobiographical elements. "The play tells the bizarre family, we all basically, and what happens when this internal strangeness that invades from outside politics . It is about divorce and its impact on children in their own divorce. And actually, it's all about, what about an hour and a half at a family dinner can tell the family, "she told Natalie Kocábová.

Intimacy, anonymity, aggressiveness

Interesting projects coming up in season 2016-2017 and Švandovo Studio Theatre. "The program includes three titles on three phenomena, which is today exposed as a person as an individual confronting the whole society: on issues of intimacy, anonymity and aggression," says the artistic director of the theater Dodo Gombár. The order also takes them four women-directors.

For a title devoted to intimacy he was chosen text known contemporary playwright Caryl Churchill, who, under the working title of It's prepares director Victoria Čermáková (will premiere Oct. 22, 2016). For the second staging of the topic anonymity is known so far mainly by its director, Martin Short (signed among others under the phenomenally successful comedy Cry Baby Cry), and a decision is still a premiere date (February 4, 2017). The third title of aggression youngest team worked entirely by theater artists: Game My heart belongs behind bars and Young aggression, which writes Dagmar Haladová and David Košťák, will direct the ladies directing duo Elizabeth Burianová - Tereza Říhová. Will premiere April 24, 2017.

Other guests on stage

The theater provides a space and a number of regular guests. To those now newly classified Radim Vizváry, mime, performer, director, choreographer and teacher who is a leading figure of contemporary mime theater in Europe. At Studio Švandovo theater space now he gets his masterful solo productions, including the best of Vizváryho current pantomime production, and the program will also be given an equally compelling performance Lessons of Touch - a manifestation of the body in extreme forms.

To permanent residents Švandovo theater include file Cakes and Puppets, who in September 2016 celebrating twenty-five years since its inception, and in November there shall show for adults coupled with birthday concert.

In a successful career with ŠVANDA continues its theater spectacle formed by students and recent graduates of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. Young theater's preparing three new titles: first game under the direction of Norbert Závodského will premiere on October 29, 2016, the other two news director Jan Holec, the founder of the group, the audience will see in February and June 2017.

His two productions - REM or the journey through dreams and in June 2016 show premiered in silence (s) crowd - stated in the 2016-2017 season also Švandovo Actors Studio Theatre. Since September 2016, Smíchov newly host even the theater and the home stage on the opposite bank of the Vltava River awaits reconstruction.

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