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Smartphone, a new trend in travel. What to cell phone on the go watch?

With the advent of smart phones is gradually changing the way travel. Applications installed in mobile saves time with searching for links and hotel bookings, route planning already no need for a paper map. Smartphone has become an indispensable companion on trips at home and abroad. It brings, however, also pitfalls which may surprise us by surprise. And how annoying are situations where the phone will not ensure roaming or juice, not needed to be closer.

Nowadays mobile phones are used on the road as a practical tool that simplifies the whole range of things. Smart phones also expanding opportunities in the form of useful mobile applications that sweeten travel and lighten the backpack. It is not so as the need to carry around a sprawling maps, navigation or separate schedules. And with ever higher quality technology whose innovation are a number of manufacturers in the center of interest, and gradually replacing conventional cameras. Like all electronic devices but also has its mobile life battery lasts forever, depends on the electrical source and abroad without roaming does not work.

Mobile Applications booking the hotel and suggest a route for the next day

Sufficient energy is crucial, especially when the phone is part also a number of smart applications which are indispensable for travel and which relies traveler. According to the developer company Strv Czechs have installed on your smartphone, on average, 28 applications, 89% of the free version. For mobile applications, according to the survey spend about 35 hours a month, which is more than an hour each day. Represented here also for applications for travel. For example, among the 15 best applications for Android on Google Play portal placed GPS app Waze, the largest traffic and navigation community applications worldwide. The top 3 best selling applications, then find popular Flightradar24, which monitors flights worldwide in real time. The basis for the traveler is also application that makes it easy to search and book hotels, and TripAdvisor is useful, which, thanks to more than 225 million meters ratings to find the best restaurants, hotels, but also the lowest airfares. Search bus, train and public transport links offers Pubtran, there is also an electronic travel guide for European cities named Tripomatic that allow your route day after day.

Data roaming is a good servant but a bad master at distraction

Many applications function without an Internet connection, a number of them are dependent on mobile data. Abroad, however, the Internet, except for a Wi-Fi connection does not work at home. Like when making calls and sending SMS messages can not do without active roaming, data roaming is also need if you want to use mobile application. It easily provides your Czech mobile operator, but the fees will be higher than the normal roaming, and possible volume of data transferred will be more limited than it is domestically. An alternative is to purchase a SIM card of the country you are visiting. But the good news is that in June 2017 should roaming charges across the European Union to end. "After crossing the border also beware of automatic adjustment of Internet data in your phone. If you are active, the operator will charge roaming surcharges, which can be very expensive when traveling, and up to hundreds of thousands of crowns, "says Radim Tlapak of

Store photos and documents on the cloud

Just like when using a computer or even a laptop phone pays the need to regularly back up data. Especially if traveling on a cell phone and rely withdraws to him the necessary documents such as confirmation of the reservation of accommodation, tickets and more, without whom the trip might complicate. On the road it is necessary to take into account all situations, even the most unpleasant when we lose cellphone, drowning, or someone steals it to us. The same goes for photos, which we would not like to come. Protection and backup providing online data storage, called Cloud that are accessible anytime, anywhere and offer a different capacity. Many of them also exists in the form of applications that are free and available for all smartphone platforms like Android or iOS.

Electromagnetic waves mobiles may complicate years

Mobile also applies certain rules such as when traveling by air, which must be their operations in terms of security measures is limited. "Although cell phone usually works as a passive receiver of electromagnetic transmission, it can happen that goes into active mode and begins to interfere with the device in the plane. This condition, while preventing the wires that protects critical onboard systems using electromagnetic waves jammers, but they may not be fully functional. Proper functioning of onboard equipment is crucial especially during takeoff, landing and taxiing to the runway when the aircraft is not managed autopilot, but a human crew, "explains Radim Tlapak. While older phones must be for the entire flight completely off, newer smartphones have features air mode, which prevents interference onboard systems while leaving some functions in mobile partially active.

Ensure enough power portable power

It is also important to ensure mobile phone enough power to be fully available for the duration of travel. If the available electrical outlet is easy to charge your phone. Abroad, however, do not forget to buy an adapter for different sockets because the standards of connectors in the destination country may differ from domestic, not only overseas but also in Europe. When traveling by car can recharge the car charger for help, but is not a regular fixture and place it before leaving obtain. Increasingly popular is because external batteries that do not require access to the electricity network and take the form of a compact portable source. "External Battery excel low weight of tens of grams, practical size and capacity of their choice. Ordinary smartphone can recharge up to eight times. Power supply via USB cable with universal connector, and are suitable for both mobile phones and smartphones and tablets, music players, navigation or games console, "says Radim Tlapak.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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