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Sunstroke, or heatstroke? Different states with the same culprit

With the upcoming sunny weather awaits us many happy days spent on the water or on vacation. That under the fierce rays can burn easily, everyone knows that. But the sun can threaten us otherwise.

Deadly heat stroke

Heat stroke is a very serious condition that arises overheating organism. At its inception, involved not only exposure to high temperatures, but also insufficient drinking regime. Center in our brain, which normally regulates the body temperature suddenly stops working. The temperature then rises inexorably. If it exceeds 40 ° C, leads to organ damage. What are the most common symptoms of sunburn?
absence of sweating,
hot, dry skin,
muscle weakness,
nausea and vomiting,
rapid heart beat.

Sunburn can lead to brain damage, swelling and his subsequent death. Therefore, the observation mentioned expressions urgently call an ambulance.

First aid saves

While you are waiting for an ambulance, suffering can help, do not just stand idly by. The main objective is to reduce the temperature. Apply ice packs to the armpits, neck and back affected - there are blood vessels near the surface, so the blood is rapidly cooled. Immerse the patient into a tub of cold water or moisten the skin and blow him cold air from the dryer.

Sunburn is something else

Heat stroke is a disease, which also occurs in warm weather, but the mechanism of formation is different. It is a long-term effect of sunlight on the surface of the head uncovered, and consequently there is irritation of the meninges. This condition manifests itself:
general weakness.

When heatstroke is the most important thing to move the victim out of the sun into the shade, ideally in a cool room. It should have sufficient drinking regime. Even if this difficulty threatening cardiac failure and subsequent death. Therefore, do not underestimate prevention and protect your head from the sun suitable cover.

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