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Enrolment in preschool? Fearlessly with enuresis

Learn to fully control his bladder, it takes time. Some children it goes quickly, others need more patience. Experienced professionals who work with children, that they know. It is therefore not necessary to lose out in this direction slower descendant of fun with their peers.

Preschool wet accident can handle

If you are going with a small enuretikem enrollment in preschool facilities might be bothering the question of whether teachers confide his troubles or not. Be calm. Learning bladder control is a natural process that everyone else takes a long time. Even children who know exactly when is the right time to go to the toilet, accidents are common. Nobody will therefore not be surprised that your offspring sometimes "fail". Quite possibly left alone. But beware, completely downplay should also not be bedwetting. The child perceives these issues more intensely than we do.

With understanding

The fourth year of life is in some ways a breakthrough. Many children around this time gaining full control over elimination. All but clearly beginning to feel that the problem is when it goes down. It creates a social stigma in children who have problems with maintaining hygiene. They fear the humiliation and resentment of his surroundings. Their anxiety can worsen bedwetting. At home, probably the situation is not so acute, but in kindergarten yes. The most important thing then is experienced and empathetic teacher who can help the child. First, to feel embarrassed, but mainly in order to avoid the laughingstock of his classmates.

How to help?

The child must feel under all circumstances clearly and comfortably. It should be considered as equivalent to their peers. This may be in addition to psychological support and enough clean clothes spotting and nutrition.
Enuretici wheel should not drink sodas or black tea.
Unsuitable is chocolate,
especially dark as coffee pods. It is better to skip desserts like tiramisu, which contain coffee.

This is especially true at bedtime, but if the child has frequent accidents during the day, can have a positive effect if these foods completely drained.

For sure

Remember that if wetting took a suspiciously long time, it is better to consult a doctor. Give the child the basic tests to rule out pathological causes of these problems. If necessary, can also offer really effective treatment.

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