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How to equip cottage: Durable materials and knacks that add style

Cottages are popular weekend destinations of many Czechs, as well as growing trend of spending summer holidays in cottages. Therefore they should not serve as a warehouse of old furniture and unneeded equipment that has no place at home.

You can arrange the cottage with a cozy atmosphere that attracts interior and equipped with stylish marginal cost. Should apply here too certain rules to follow.

The main role of natural materials

Weekend houses are often found in nature, therefore, should be the natural character reflected in the interior of the cottage. It will then work with the surroundings compact and differentiate from home, from where we come relax from everyday duties. Prim should play natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, cotton or leather. Evokes the atmosphere and fabric and fabric shades, which we find in nature, ie green, white, brown, yellow and orange, or supplements with floral decoration or painting. Use natural materials on floors or walls and ceilings. With chalupařením is also associated patina, typical finish of furniture, which gives the interior a touch of the countryside.

Cottage inhabit all year round and can thus rely on regular ventilation and heating. The equipment therefore requires quality protective surface treatment to withstand moisture or mold and lost none of its quality and functionality. "It is suitable for this purpose furniture made ​​of particle board laminate that is low-maintenance and wood pattern looks great. If you opt for wood, choose from the exotic tree species such as meranti or acacia, which are moisture-resistant and last up to several decades, "advised Peter Triščíková of MT furniture.

Do not underestimate the selection of beds and storage space

Although people tend to postpone the cottage old useless equipment, keep in mind that even the furniture should meet the requirements of practicality and comfort. "Some pieces of furniture, such as older coffee table or ottoman, feel free to take out of the house. But what the cottage is not it is an old sagging bed. Get a new bed because the mattress to meet the demands for healthy sleep. Spirit will complement rustic country cottage bed or beds of laminated tread in beech, pine and spruce, "advises Peter Triščíková.

Nor should we underestimate ample storage space. For the weekend building fits rustic combined chests of drawers, which are used for storing clothes or objects of common use. "Given that the cottage we are every day, it is important that the commodes closed and protect the contents from dust and other pollution, "adds Triščíková.

According to the interest or financial options can complement other furniture, which, although no longer as necessary, but will complete integrity of the spirit of the building. Among his rustic include showcases, footstools, shelves, sofas or even a shoe rack. Cottages and chalets in fact, you can use a couple of minor elements to turn into one of the typical chalupářských styles. These include rustic country style that draws from nature and makes you feel comfortable and cozy. Additionally, it differs from the usual amenities of a modern apartment or a house, so you can relax from the bustle of the city.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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