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Tired eyes from the monitor? Six tips to help relieve eye

The computer has become an essential part of our lives, and for many people, even indispensable work tool. It is signed, inter alia, on the condition of vision. Problems are not only on the part of technology. Human error more harmful to your eyes.

The good news is that according to current knowledge and long-term monitors looking into the causes irreversible eye damage. That does not mean that computers are for our eyes completely harmless. During extended use in humans may develop a so-called. Computer Vision Syndrome. This is shown eye fatigue, burning, blurred vision, feeling of dry eyes or headaches .

Eyesight suffers due to bad habits

Vision disorders are not caused directly by the computer. Radiation from the monitor is not so intense, so this makes sense damaged. Conversely eyes to a large extent we are destroying ourselves some bad habits. We are looking at the screen for too long without taking a break or sit in the wrong distance. Other causes include damage to the eyes and decreased frequency of blinking during computer work. Research has found that whereas normally you blink about 15 times a minute, before we do so to monitor one half less often.

How to relieve eye

Learn to follow the rule "20-20-20". Every 20 minutes, stop looking at the screen and stare for at least 20 seconds to a point at a distance of 20 feet, equivalent to about 6 meters.
Invest in a computer with a filter reducing glare and reflections.
Observe correct distance from the screen. It should be about the length of your arm.
Remember the sufficient moistening eyes. Very useful are artificial tears, or you can purchase a humidifier.
Beware of flare screens - sight unnecessarily burdened. Reducing the brightness and contrast enhancement is better.
People who wear contact lenses can relieve eye that sometimes instead use the computer glasses.

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