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For books from Charles's time to Rajhradu

Rare manuscripts from the collection of the Benedictine Abbey Rajhrad, associated with the government of the Czech King Charles IV. present the Museum of Literature in Moravia, June 29, the exhibition Books of Charles IV.

Originals books complement other significant monument of the 14th century - a crutch Rajhrad provosts, which will be under strict security measures together with the original manuscripts exposed to 6th of July. Then replace the mock rare originals, which will be exhibited until September 11th.

As informed Curator Hana Polívková Benedictine Rajhrad collection contains three dozen manuscripts from the 14th century. The upcoming exhibition is the most beautiful and interesting of them. The staff of the Museum of Literature for visitors chose demonstrations of richly decorated codes used in liturgical practice, but also contemporary secular literature - whether it's poetry or writings on legal matters. Nor can miss the medieval copies of two collections of Italian humanist Francesco Petrarch, the poet, who was among the admirers of the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. Documenting how quickly the ideas of Renaissance humanism penetrated into the Czech lands. Very receptive to them the example of John Wednesday, educated dignitary, diplomat and patron of the arts, whose work at the exhibition reminds of course work in another field - Forms collection Summa Cancellariae he wrote as the emperor's chancellor.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Literature in Moravia, will be an exhibition of books from the time of Charles also an excellent opportunity to explore the impressive exhibition that introduces the development of literature in the historical borders of Moravia. But also to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a monumental complex Rajhrad Benedictine monastery, whose former beauty gradually returning thanks to the financial support of Norwegian funds and the South Moravian Region.

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