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Rio Olympics are approaching: 7 tips for your safety

Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro will be in August and September 2016 to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. If you're going this major sporting event to visit, you should thoroughly prepare for the journey.

preferred prevention

The basic vaccination for travelers who plan to visit the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil include those against the following diseases.
Viral hepatitis A. The infection is most often transmitted by contaminated hands, contaminated water and food. Always follow basic hygiene rules and avoid risky activities, such as meals eaten on the street or in restaurants dubious quality.
Viral hepatitis B. Protection against this disease is part of the compulsory vaccination calendar since 2001. Most adult travelers, however, this vaccine does. Risk of contracting hepatitis B but threatened worldwide. Transfer is accomplished through the bloodstream or sexual intercourse. Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B guarantees lifelong protection.
Typhoid. In Brazil, typhoid fever can become infected by ingesting contaminated water or food. The surest way of protection is vaccination, which is carried out every three years.
Tetanus. The bacterial infection occurs most often when injuries. This vaccination is part of the compulsory vaccination calendar. Protecting but not continuous, after 10 to 15 years is required to undergo booster. Before departure, which makes it suitable for tetanus check the current force.

Other infectious threats

If you are traveling to Brazil by public transport, consider vaccination against influenza and meningococcal and pneumococcal infections. In this country there are also malaria, yellow fever and other febrile viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes and biting insects. Possible risks and other forms of protection in specific areas will discuss specialist in travel medicine.

Warning not only for pregnant women

In Brazil and neighboring countries currently undergoing an epidemic disease virus Zika. The disease can occur in about one in five people infected. Course is usually mild, death occurs very rarely. Recently, however, he traveled the world a shocking report on the fetus of pregnant women in Brazil and other countries. The virus is likely to be transmitted from mother to fetus. Women pregnant so within the security visit to the Olympic Games is not recommended. If you still arrive, they should strictly abide prevention and protection against mosquitoes. In the case of developing symptoms of fever after returning from the Olympics should immediately see a doctor. After a stay in Brazil is not recommended for pregnant women over the next two months. Men should have returned after sexual intercourse using a condom and should not attempt to conceive for 6 months. Virus is the long period after infection persist semen.

safety tips

Although the Brazilian government plans to implement heightened security measures during sporting events in the South American country repeatedly increases the risk of petty crime. This is essentially a fraud, theft, but also robberies.
In public places, pay attention to your surroundings and never leave belongings unattended.
Just carry only small amounts of money, and if necessary, use ATMs, which are in abundance.
Passport and papers hide in a safe place,
preferably in the hotel safe. For sure, would rather make out their copies.
Visiting slums (favelas) is not recommended for tourists.
Although these sites growing popularity of hotel facilities, in terms of security is not appropriate to dwell.
During the Olympic Games is likely to increase the frequency of demonstrations and strikes. The possible riots are timely informed.
If you plan to travel outside the venue of the Olympics, be especially careful. Most of the security forces is concentrated in the area of sports and less guarded areas is expected to increase the risk of crime.
Brazil is among the countries with the highest number of road accidents in the world. Its share of the blame lies aggressive and undisciplined drivers, but also poorly maintained roads. While waiting at intersections sometimes takes place and the theft of motor vehicles. Travelers should so far as possible, not on the road sprout on their own.

Insurance is a necessity

Preparation of the Olympic Games currently accompany the myriad complications. The whole world but hopes to solve most of the problems in a timely manner and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro becomes an unforgettable experience. Despite the best efforts of the Brazilian government, however, complications can be expected in the form of health and safety threats. Before any journey is so unwritten responsibility to take out travel insurance that will cover your back in case of unexpected difficulties.

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