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Rollicking whole new ball cheetah family

Beatrice, Bella, Benji and Becky are popular cheetah quadruplets, who was born on 21 November 2014. Today, it is nineteen months, are already cheetah females as large as their mother, Savannah.

Prolonged gray hair on his neck and back, which is typical for cheetah cubs had almost disappeared, only its remnants still differ kittens from the mother.
Cheetah sisters are still very playful and so made them great joy new basketballs. All four females have balloons rolled down a grass paddock, lay them on their backs, chasing each other and also is trying to catch. Their enthusiasm could not resist nor Savannah, the ravages of their descendants joined.

It goes without saying that the strength of cheetahs teeth resist or basketball of the highest quality, and balloons and certainly not last long. We therefore recommend a five cheetah visit as soon as possible, because the sight of their sports performance, although to basketball have nothing in common, it is an extraordinary experience.

An integral part of farming in modern zoos also provide an opportunity to seize the animals, but this activity (technically called enrichment) must be regular and the same. If you would become routine and monotony, so now they will not have the pleasure animals. Breeders therefore balloons sometimes take out of the enclosure, thereby also at least somewhat prolong their life.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: P. Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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