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Greek Islands hidden hot springs, turtles, bike trails and spectacular history

Greek Islands hidden hot springs, turtles, bike trails and spectacular history Greece, and especially its islands, offers a variety of traditional and lesser known attractions and rightfully among the most popular holiday destination for Czech tourists. Thanks to its diversity, you can also go to Greece for several years now and always discover something new. Moreover, prices of stays to Greece this fall.

The islands in Greece are popular worldwide

The Greek islands are traditionally placed in the charts domestic and foreign media and scientific portals, which recommend places where to go on vacation. For example, this year's chart of the British daily Telegraph into the TOP 10 best in Europe holiday islands of Crete and Corfu included, the same newspaper praised among the top 10 destinations too small Greek island Koufonisia and the region Paleochora in Crete. In the ranking of the renowned traveler TripAdvisor, which announced the TOP 10 best destinations in Greece, was placed even 8 sites located outside the Greek mainland. "The fact that it is on the Greek islands of great interest, evidenced by the fact that tourist trips to these locations include all the best selling. For example, in June this year accounted for 32% of total demand and prices of Czech tourists stays are lower than last year, "said Michal Tuma from

The pleasant climate and varied beaches

Greek Islands, which is more than 2000 and located in five different seas - the Aegean, Ionian, Cretan, Thracian and Mediterranean - appeal to tourists from all over the world especially for its diversity. Each island is different, visitors reveals specific atmosphere and the natural and historic treasures. The islands compared to mainland resorts also provide wetter and less hot climate and a pleasant breeze, which tourists will appreciate mainly in tropical temperatures. One of the main attractions are the magnificent beaches, which differ from each other. While on the beach Platis Gialos and Kambos on quiet Lipsi island you will find sand washed by the turquoise waters at Myrtos Beach Kefalonia you can spend your time off in a breathtaking rocky gorge. Skiathos Island again has 65 beaches, including the popular 1200 meters long Koukounaries Beach or nudist beach Banana Beach. The islands also attract lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling. For example, around the island of Milos you can quietly observe marine fish, dolphins and even seals.

The islands are a ticket to the rich history and tourism

Greek islands there are also remains of a magnificent history that have taken place for millennia. Rhodes invites visitors to the 14th and 15th centuries, little Delos was dedicated to the ancient gods, green island of Corfu tells of the days of the Venetians. Many people in recent years took to operate on the islands also hiking and biking. "The islands are in fact largely intertwined groomed hiking and biking paths that lead plateaus, canyons, forests, marine and river meanders and sunken villages. For example, Crete offers views of the countryside dotted with windmills and longest European path, Rhodes attracts up to 5 km long Valley of the Butterflies. For relaxing bike trip is ideal island of Kos, for mountain biking then the island of Thasos, "advised Michal Tuma.

Demand for tours every day increases

The Greek islands are also popular with a broad range of different types of accommodation. Popular tourist resorts usually have hotel accommodation capacities, generally from April to October. Travel agents are during summer vacations able to provide accommodation also according to exacting individual requirements. Greek Islands is one of the few European destinations also offer tours popular among Czechs in the form of All Inclusive at an affordable price. Even now, at the start of the high season, you can find suitable accommodation of this type. For example, the island of Kos, which traditionally among the most popular Greek islands where tourists like to come back repeatedly, currently offers a wide range stays at bargain prices.

6 most attractive islands in Greece


Kos Island belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea. As the birthplace of a famous physician and founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates reveals a wealth of historical monuments and attractive tourist sites. Due to the volcanic origin, there are many thermal springs, there is also a lot of hiking and cycling trails. Thanks to the wind in the southern part of the island, you have to revel lovers of water sports.


Popular Crete attracts mostly on historical monuments from the Byzantine and Venetian times, among which is dominated by the remains of a Minoan palace of Knossos. You should not miss even a trip into the vast plateaus and the village of Matala with its famous red beaches, where in the middle of the last century lived hippies. The tourist attraction is the Valley of the mills along the brook leading to Kotsifou plain Agios Ioannis or Tripiti gorge and Samaria.


Rhodes, who promises tourists to 340 sunny days per year, shows medieval and ancient sights. Historical showcase itself is already the capital of Rhodes, whose center is the 1988 UNESCO list. You should not miss the harbor Mandraki where the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the wonders of the world. Rarity represents beach associated with the island Prasonisi, in which merge the two seas and which attracts lovers of surfing. One of the most beautiful places in the then Valley of the Butterflies or city of Lindos, on top of which stands the spectacular ruins of the temple of Athena Lindské.


Emerald Isle of Corfu abounds in rich vegetation of olive trees, cypresses, pines, orchids and kompquatů, dwarf oranges, which are typical for the island. The local environment also took to the Austrian empress Sisi, who here likes spending time at a summer mansion Achillion, which is now open to the public. It offers beautiful views of Angelokastro or the island's highest mountain Mount Patrokrator to 906 meters, on top of which there is a monastery from the 17th century. From Corfu you can also take a trip to Albania, whose coast can be reached by boat in an hour.


For the island of Zakynthos, the third largest island in the Ionian Sea, the characteristic blue caves at Cape Skinari and the world-famous beach Navagio Shipwreck smuggling ship. The island also offers natural sulfur marine Xýngia bath at 18 ° C and is home to the rare Caretta Caretta. For spectacle is also the ancient village Volines, which was preserved traditional crafts, or Maherado with the church, which features a charming icon of the black Madonna.


A small island located in the Ionian Sea may not posses such historical riches as other Greek islands, but you will enjoy a wide variety of natural beauty. One of the landmarks of the lagoon near the capital city of Lefkas, where various kinds of birds nest or Levkatas promontory with a lighthouse, which promises a magnificent spectacle. The island is also dotted with a series of ancient villages with houses made of stone or wood, some of which are under UNESCO protection.

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