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O2 deceiving customers dTest action plans

If the operator changes the conditions of their services, consumers can withdraw from the contract. O2, however, forthcoming modify the conditions, which is to turn off mobile Internet after depletion of prepaid data volume, called "change in actual service settings" and refusing to give its customers the option to withdraw from the contract. According Dtest thereby deceiving consumers and will have to face the consequences.

dTest called O2 Czech Republic to refrain from unlawful conduct towards consumers. It is based on erroneous information to consumers on changes in the agreement. "The spokesperson for O2 we yesterday learned that the operator does not change the contract, but only the factual setting of services' and that customers useless not commit, and even that they were shutting down the Internet ordered Czech telecommunications Authority, "says Milos Borovicka legal adviser dtest, adding:" it is incomprehensible approach to customers and the law itself. We wonder, but our operators know how their attitude surprise. "Treaty in the legal sense do not constitute the only form that the consumer signed, but also the terms and costs to which the operator references, or even information from menus that define the character of services, and many others things. The CTO may order a specific amendment to the contract and its terms, but according to the information Dtest happened.

Unilateral change in conditions for the operator is not too complicated. Just when it no later than 30 days prior to notify a customer if it is a change for the worse, informs about the possibility of withdrawal. But it did not do, nor O2 does not offer this. The operator says that in the case of the mobile Internet is not even. "For us we deceive customers. Above all, however, we believe that, if not complying with the legal procedure, can achieve efficiency changes, "says Juniper adds:" O2 we are today urged to refrain from the illegal activity, which is the first step to enable us to bring an action which would operator such judicially prohibited activities. "dTest is entitled to such actions under the consumer protection Act.

Customers who do not like change and are harmed by the procedure of O2, have several options to deal with changes in management at the Czech Telecommunications Office. "Before the amendment enters into force, it has a complaint against deceptive trade practices. They are mainly customers who need to hear that they do not like such a procedure, "says Juniper.

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