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Summer vacation causes depression and unfulfilled expectations. What with her?

Depression and gloomy thoughts, most of us associated with autumn, which is typical chilly weather. Neither the sunshine and warm summer days but us from negative thoughts not protected. Even during the summer, because you can easily fall into a depression. How do you most enjoy summer and avoid negative emotions? We bring you some useful tips.

Summer depression is not as common as the autumn or winter. According to the findings of scientists from Georgetown University School of Medicine make up only about a tenth of all cases of so-called seasonal depression. This does not mean, however, that the implications of summer depression were less severe. Even in summer, people will encounter many hazards that can lead to a bad mood, apathy, and in the worst case, serious psychological problems. The most common cause of summer depressive mood are the experts say prolonged high temperatures that the human body depleted. Broached, however, there are also themes of money and relationships.

Treat yourself to sunlight at work and after

It is widely known that the sun makes man charged with positive energy. Enough vitamin D, which the body gets from the sun has such a positive impact on the psyche. Vitamin D is helping to create serotonin, which has beneficial effects on the human metabolism and helps fight the gloomy mood. It is not so surprising that the group, which in summer is threatening depression most of those working in offices. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of office workers spend outdoors during the working day nor the hour. In the event that you are in one, try to find more sunlight. Lunch can be prepared, for example, eat in the park in the dark cafeteria, colleagues can then propose to the daily briefing held outdoors on the benches. If you can not go out, it is sufficient even a few minutes break on the balcony. Breathe some fresh air, stretch and ulevíte tired brain. On the way home, then definitely do not hide in public transport. If possible, take a walk and enjoy the city proper daily dose of sunlight.

Postponed problems on vacation does not solve

Dovelená the peak summer season, which most people enjoyed all year round. Planning a vacation and stay alone but this may change in the unpleasant experience that can be a great test of your relationship. "If partners throughout the year to postpone solving important social problems digging under the bed, it is very likely that just to leave everything blows up. A moment of rest so easily can change in a week full of strife and stress, which often leads to terminate the relationship, "says Aleš Kalina, personal coach and author of Emotional Equations methods. Therefore solve problems immediately when they occur, and all the essentials before you leave vyříkejte. Fearing do not even small changes can go, for example, with a group of friends or with their parents. Abortive vacation because your psyche certainly benefit.

Customize plans for the summer to their financial possibilities

Bad mood and depression often comes from the feeling that your summer plans are not nearly as exciting and adventurous as plans for people in your area. You do not have a ticket to America and seaside holiday can only dream of? Then maybe you are interested, that's unfulfilled expectations from a long-planned luxury holidays are a frequent source of gloomy moods. Therefore, plan your trips around or shorter holiday in your price range. Artificially arranged photos of landmarks that you see every day on social networks, then take a large margin. Same comfort because you can experience in the Czech camp, you have the right attitude.

Surround yourself with people who love you

Summer is a season full summer fling, romantic evenings by the campfire and exotic experiences, on the other hand, it is summer also the time gauges and depressive thoughts of those who are currently without a partner. "That's the way it is for us comes love greatly affects the way brain generates different kinds of thoughts. So if one does not have a sufficient supply of love, can easily fall into depression, "says Aleš Kalina. But it also points out that the flow of love does not necessarily come from a partner. If they do not have anybody this summer in a pair, do not despair. Summer is still an ideal opportunity to meet with family, longtime friends and all, that you are not over a year time.

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