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Jojo effect: learn from mistakes and lose weight once and for all

Get rid of the extra pounds she would like most of us. For diabetics, but it is a more important than the destination. Overweight and obesity in fact adversely affect blood glucose levels and promote the development of other health, especially cardiovascular complications. But how to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect?

Weight fluctuations are harmful

Repeated weight loss and regain lost pounds, which is the result of a temporary holding various more or less rational diet, is known as the rebound effect. Weight fluctuations in some cases a minimum, in the order of a few kilograms. However, there are individuals who due to strict dietary measures will reduce the weight of its dozens of pounds, which then in a relatively short period of time will gain back again. Such fluctuations can cause all sorts of problems - both mental and physical disabilities. We are talking primarily about depression , fluctuations in blood pressure, cholesterol and gallbladder disease.

Learn from mistakes!

If we as a result of considerable effort managed to lose coveted weight, but you have failed to keep, do not despair. The feeling of disappointment is understandable resignation is misplaced. One such failure can be seen as valuable experience for the future, from which they can learn. Think what specifically prompted pointer scales for unwanted movement, where you made a mistake and how to avoid it next time.

Yo-yo effect can be easily avoided if a new and healthier lifestyle to accept as their own.
Dietary changes must be sustainable, you must taste the food and must not suffer from hunger.
Regular exercise should be paid even after the Desired weight loss, in any form.
The actual reduction in the number of kilograms must never be the result of simple starvation. The organism must receive everything it needs for its operation.
Jojo effect most often occurs after a remarkably rapid weight loss on strict diets, but can not hold long.

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