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Because of the heat illnesses are hospitalized every year dozens of children

The most serious child injuries include burns and even those caused by the sun. More than 90 children had to be in the summer months even hospitalized as a result of the heat, according to the latest statistics from the Institute of Health Information. Burns caused by excessive exposure to sunlight are usually able to heal themselves, but the skin is hot, red and painful. The site is therefore compliance with the correct principles to the sun.

Learn how to properly treat sunburns

Skin during exposure to the sun can burn during the first 15 minutes. Complications, however, not reflected immediately, and the skin is sensitive over the next 24-48 hours. If only redness and blisters do not form a visible, this is the first degree burns. Even when it is necessary but immediate treatment.

"First it is necessary to properly cool the skin. At the first degree burns and sunburn in just a stream of cold tap water. Consequently, it is appropriate to apply a cold compress to the skin and try to calm down. Aid may aloe vera, which contains glycoproteins relieving pain and inflammation, it acts simultaneously as an anesthetic and helps the skin during healing. At the same time it is necessary to drink enough fluids, "says Dr. Thomas Kampe. However, if the organism is further overheated, the child has a fever and / or feels sick, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

The summer holidays guard especially adolescents and babies

You can usually unpleasant symptoms of sunburn solve the doctor ambulatory, while serious manifestations but hospitalization is necessary. The worst months are from this standpoint June and July, which had to be 28 children aged 11 to 15 years due to sunburn taken to hospital. The second most affected group were children under five years of age. "The documentation of these types of health complications, but the problem is that they are usually dealt with on an outpatient basis and do not keep statistics about them. They are documented so only the really serious cases requiring hospitalization. Cases of sunburn may therefore be much more than a show of that statistic, "said a spokesman for the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic Jiri Grass. And it's not just the kids who visit the doctor's office because of the tropical temperatures. Statistics from the General Health Insurance Company shows that last year had to be ambulatory treated more than 1,000 patients. Direct sunlight causes people not only unpleasant manifestations on the skin, but also the exhaustion caused by lack of fluid, swelling and fainting from the heat. Complications are more serious for persons with higher pressure or heart disease.

Choose between the physical and chemical filters in sunscreens

Sunbathing is particularly harmful to children under one year. Their skin is much thinner than the skin of an adult and does not even sufficient amount of melanin pigment that protects against harmful UV radiation. Small children do not even fully developed sweat glands, thus can easily overheat the body. In tropical temperatures, therefore experts do not recommend the babies come out at all and, if necessary, prefer morning or late afternoon. Limited sun exposure apply to children under three years of age, it is necessary to choose the appropriate clothing and headgear.

Among the protective means, of course, also include sunbathing preparations, which have been using since half a year of the child. It is necessary to distinguish between the chemical and physical filters, which are contained in the preparations.
"To protect the sensitive skin is rather recommended sunscreen physical filters, which adhere to the skin and thus harmful UV radiation reflected. In contrast, chemical filters has soaked into the skin and protects it from the inside. However, this can irritate the skin, so they are unsuitable for children. In addition, it is good to choose and by the protection factor, known as the OF or SPF, whose value should reach thirty to fifty, "said Kampe. After a day in the sun it is necessary to regenerate the skin and give it back the lost moisture. This famously used after sun products with the cooling effects of aloe vera, panthenol and coconut oil.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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