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In the Giant Mountains will be restrictions on entry off roads - because of looting blueberries

The Administration of the National Park - this year for the sixteenth time - limit for environmental conservation entrance to some areas in the Giant Mountains National Park. The main reason this time is to limit the destruction of the Giant Mountains in connection with a massive collection of blueberries. Tourists passing by hiking trails restrictions virtually untouched. Workers KRNAP marks the site concerned in the field.

General measure takes effect July 20 and will last until 15 October.

The reason for the ban on entry into certain areas off the tourist path is beginning an intense blueberry picking in valuable locations. Inconsiderate collection are devastated forests bilberry. This reduces the food base for semenožravé birds and mammals. As a result of excessive traffic Sciences valuable areas are damaged habitats of protected species of plants. Another reason is the disturbance of game, especially during the acclimatization to overwintering sites near obůrek and during the rut.

Part of the area with limited access located in zone of the national park, where entry is prohibited outside the marked trails year round Act on nature and landscape protection. Current limitation therefore relates principally II. Zone KRNAP a small part III. KRNAP area where you would normally allowed free movement, and measure it temporarily limits. Movement on the roads for walking but this measure is not restricted.

From the experience of recent years shows that the Czech public generally respects this limitation. Conversely, the biggest problems were active foreign "professional" pickers who raided areas especially near the border. Natural persons who do not respect this measure, could be fined up to 10 000 CZK and forfeiture means that the act of committing an offense often used - comb pickers blueberries. The terrain will be a restricted area marked with information boards in the Czech, Polish and German.


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