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Ria to go at least 105 Czech athletes nomination approved

Ria to go at least 105 Czech athletes nomination approved In Rudolf Gallery Prague Castle came the names of 105 athletes who will represent the Czech Republic at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Names nomination, including 99 people in support and also the medical team and staff designer for the Games of XXXI. Olympics a plenum of the Czech Olympic Committee.

Nomination festive evening during which was also presented to board a collection of the Czech team for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, was also attended by Czech President Milos Zeman.

In the last days before the plenum of the nomination fight to qualify for the Olympics even basketball players or athletes, but in vain. At the weekend, the team added beach volleyball players Barbora Hermann and Margaret Sluková. Invitation from the International Swimming Federation got extra Pavel Janecek, who will compete in the individual medley at 400 meters.

On the day of the nomination came plenum confirm start based on the world ranking for the golfer Clara Špilková. At this moment, so the Czech team includes 105 athletes, because until the nomination is also conditionally included badminton player Petr Koukal, who still waits until July 18 to confirm its launch in Rio based on the world rankings.

"This time we have no representative in any collective sport, which is on course to know the number of athletes. The fact remains that, our team is strong. Even though I hate tipuju number of medals, design for Rio has the potential to ten medals four years ago in London, "said
Martin Doktor, sporting director and head of WTP Czech mission to Rio.

Ria to go almost all the medalists from London

The nomination is missing only medalist from the 2012 Olympic Games, and a kayaker Vavrinec Hradilek, which in the unforgiving home qualifier only place for Rio surpassed George Prskavec. On the contrary, Olympic champions Mirka Topinková Knapková, Barbora Spotakova, David Svoboda and Jaroslav Kulhavy, as well as silver medalists Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka and Ondrej Synek and owners bronzes Adele Bruns (Sýkorová), Zuzana Hejnová and members of Kayak Four Daniel Havel, Lukas Trefil, Josef Dostal and Jan Sterba on the list are for Rio.

The largest team are athletes who are at this moment 25 representatives. Czech power is the water - Flatwater, Slalom Racing and rowing. Celebrating successes can select ten tennis. Hope my Czech in cycling, judo, modern pentathlon and other sports.

"Success can decide any trifle. In terms of security facilities and care for the athletes did a great job of team boss Martin Doktor of the mission. I believe that the service, which at the Olympians in Rio waiting to help them to peak performance, "said George Kejval, chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee.

Now he has the power to retrofit other members of the expedition, if you have any of Czech athletes meet the nomination criteria or receive an invitation from the International Federation. That may be the case Hammer Throw Lukas Melich and runner Philip Šašinka. The ultimate nominal nomination sends the wastewater treatment plant in Rio on Monday - July 18.

Bright boots, white pants or skirt, shirt, elegant striped coat and hat. So it looks boarding collection of Czech Olympic Team for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio. Aboard set manufactured by Alpine Pro in cooperation with the studio E.daniely which models proposed for the opening ceremony - as well as for the Olympic Games in London.

"Coming up with uniforms for many different types of bodies and athletes is challenging. Inspired us jackets which previously acquiring a sports club. Evoked solidarity, pride and memories. We created a retro-sweater jacket. It is striped, soft, flexible and comfortable. We hope that the athletes will be a good companion to their Olympic days, "said
Daniel Flejšarová and Eva Janoušková, author boarding collection Alpine Pro would E.daniely.

Each member of the Czech Olympic team has an extra on the inside of the jacket sewn patch with his name and the motive Emil Zatopek, who decorates also colored hats that complement the whole model. "Our goal is that our athletes were not be overlooked when boarding, which involves more than two hundred states. I believe that this year will succeed like in London or Sochi, "said George Kejval.

Aboard the collection will complement and glass jewelry by sculptor Gizela Šabókové. Along with clothes for the ceremony the games presented at the plenary session at the Castle model also watch Prim Czech Team, the official watch for the Czech Olympians.

You have been nominated Olympians ye your favorite? And how do you like Olympic clothing collection for our athletes? To score like in London?

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