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Polish scientists have discovered a new orchid in Colombia. It looks like a devil's head

The newly discovered orchid red to dark purple color is unique in several respects. Currently the world is only thirty plants, which occur only to a very small area. Colombian orchid is also interesting that drawing on its flower resembles the head of the devil. The discovery writes in the current issue of the journal PhytoKeys.

Orchid for his form was given the Latin name Telipogon diabolicus. And because it is currently known only about thirty copies of this plant, he got right to the list of critically endangered species by IUCN.

"If we know there are only a very small population of orchids,"
says Marta for exploration of Kolanowski team from the University of Gdansk. Plants along with another Pole Dariusz Szlechetkem and Colombian Ramiro Medina Trejo appeared in a mountain forest on the border between the districts of Putumayo and Nariño in southern Colombia.

The current catalog of Colombian plants indicated 3,600 orchid species, scientists warn. And by far it is not a complete list and many species remain undiscovered. "Only in 2015 described 20 new species of orchids discovered only in Colombia," said Kolanowski.

A closer look to discover orchid flower head devil.
Photo: Marta Kolanowski

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