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Brod Festival 1995 per month celebrates 22nd birthday Rock for People

Brod Festival 1995 per month celebrates 22nd birthday Rock for People Exactly a month, on Saturday, Aug. 20, breaks a celebration filled with music and stories that accompanied and accompany a rich 22-year history of the festival Rock for People. The Českobrodská athletic stadium on Kutilce the second time held a one-day music festival Brod 1995.

In the company of a number of excellent Czech bands will be remembered not only for this extremely successful year, but also for all the others, more than 350 000 visitors, 3 generations of fans, more than 3,000 foreign and domestic bands and countless experiences that took place around the RfP.

Roots Rock for People are tightly linked with the Czech music scene, organizers logically built program to the best of what current Czech rock music has to offer. Dramaturgy is a combination of young progressive line of bands that wrote the history of the festival Rock for People.

"A twentieth We celebrate Wohnout, play of Dead, but also a great Mydy Rabycad who after over continuous three months, managed to thrill Korean fans and play successfully in Glastonbury, won a place in the line-up on Kutilce,"
invites with a smile one of the founders of the festival Rock for People Petr Fort and adds: "Children who were at the Rock for People conceived in his first years or emerged from the festival lovers, it is now returning as the new blood. Experiences, friendships, stories, anecdotes, unique atmosphere they join together. "

Brod 1995 will take place on August 20th from 12 noon on campus athletic stadium on Kutilce.

On two stageY during the afternoon and evening replace a total of 14 bands. There will also be veterans of the domestic music scene led by Monkey Business, valmezskou festival stalwart, a band of Dead, Mig 21 with inimitable Jiri Machacek and punks of Plexis. On festival days old commemorate 100 animals also plays Aneta Langer, who once appeared in the Czech Brod for the first time in front of the festival audience, and local natives Bear 009th Conversely, young blood will represent elektroswingové stars Mydy Rabycad, Kladno band or Zrní We On The Moon.

Besides the varied musical and non-musical program offering fans the festival stroll festival museum with hundreds of now-valuable, almost collecting artifacts. "Without history is not present nor the future, this is true in life and in music, so we want to open this long live the chapter, full of colorful and cheerful memories and breathtaking stories, and periodically over her in the Czech Brod meet, "concludes Peter Fort.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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