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Herbal First Aid Kit: gentian stomach, burdock insect bites, abrasions on plantain

The joy of summer vacation may thwart unexpected accidents and unpleasant disease. According to research by the Association of Czech travel agencies and people they are most likely struggling with digestive and gastric problems, diarrhea and respiratory diseases. Other typical summer injuries are contusions and lacerations. Therefore, always keep on hand a travel first aid kit, in which there are even herbs.

Bad stomach calm down, and gentian St. John's

Especially when traveling abroad they may struggle with stomach pains. This is due to poor sanitary conditions when preparing food, contaminated water and eating food or raw materials on which our digestion is not used. Digestive problems can reach us at home, mainly because vedrům, which leads to faster food spoilage and hyperthermia. "Acute digestive problems can calm the bitter mixture of yellow and sweet flag. These herbs harmonize the intestinal system and promotes proper digestion. Diarrhea fits mixture Helmifit which destroys the parasite load. Intestinal mucosa in turn regenerates St. John's or gemmoterapeutikum alder or feverfew, "says herbalist famous Czech Jarmila Podhorná.

Burned skin aloe vera cools and the molecule of life

For frequent sunburn, too little sun protection products and the fact that central European skin is crisp on the seaside rays used. The most critical month, according to experts, it is now July. For the treatment of burned skin lotion is recommended with the molecule of life Methuselah. This is a substance which is obtained from plants, cleanses the body from harmful substances, and thus the skin regenerates. Herbs are also suitable aloe vera, which strained and sensitive skin stay cool and hydrated.

Burdock oil soothes bites

In the summer, our skin often "decorated" also bites from mosquitoes, horsefly, flies and other insects, especially when we spend time off the water. Itchy stings in this case calms burdock oil or tincture of ribwort, which also reduces swelling. Alternatively, we can opt for grapefruit or St. John's wort oil, which also prevents unsightly stains rozškrábání buds.

Lavender acts as a repellent against ticks

In the summer, expanding incidence of ticks that can infect us tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. Carrier, according to the Public Health Institute every third tick. A Statistics reports that encephalitis each year infects approximately 500-800 people boreliozou even up to 4,500 patients. "A walk in nature, we should paint the mixture of lavender and rosemary, which serves as a natural insect repellent and repels ticks," recommends Jarmila Podhorná.

Pain after injury helps comfrey, plantain scrapes heal faster

Holidays also accompany injuries, mainly lacerations, abrasions, contusions limbs, fractures and podvrtnuté ankles. To blame are often typical summer activities, such as cycling, skating or ball sports. "The pain you ulevíte cool tiled with comfrey. As a tincture helps reduce swelling, ointment again revitalizes fractures, contusions and bruises, "explains herbalist. On scrapes and scratches helps Ribwort, which has anti-inflammatory and contains high amounts of silicon and zinc, which makes the wound heals faster. A similar effect has marigold that acts as a natural antibiotic ointment or alder, which helps heal various kinds of sores.

Grapefruit oil helps toothache and cold

On vacation you can blindside even toothache. In this case it is recommended to periodically combat gums grapefruit oil. Furthermore, the inflammation of the gums, dental problems and other difficulties in the oral cavity suited sage, which acts as a natural disinfectant, antibacterial and antiseptic effects, and soothes the pain. Grep extra destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, so after him like you'll reach even when you on holiday snaps sudden fever, sore throat or a cold. In case of respiratory problems is to place combat Grapefruit oil nasal mucosa, tincture of grapefruit seeds can then destroy streptococci, staphylococci and prevent infection. Similar effects have also tincture of nasturtium or garlic.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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