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Golden Sands, UNESCO and peaceful town, it is Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in this Holiday season with Czech tourists very popular. The five most popular destinations fell mainly due to good availability, favorable prices and also for its diversity. In Bulgaria he had come to their one who is looking for clean sandy beaches, monuments lover and one who attracts adrenaline and nightlife ..

Bulgaria was for many years synonymous with cheap holiday and one of the few places where the Czechs under socialism could visit. Now the inclusion of countries in the Eastern bloc meant for Bulgaria but significant pause economic development. In recent years, Bulgaria gets back among the popular destinations and is investing heavily in tourism. Evidenced by the annual increase of Czech tourists for their holidays will elect one of the resorts on the Black Sea. "Last June, for example, for a vacation in Bulgaria decided in 2611 to our customers, which is almost 28% more than last year. Bulgaria goes to people looking for a cheap holiday but also those who require all-inclusive services, namely the Bulgarian resort offers both four and five-star hotels with a high level of service, "explained Michal Tuma (Invia).

Good availability and quality services especially suitable for families with children

Bulgaria's main advantage is its good accessibility. The flight from Prague here in less than two hours to travel just a valid identity card. Burgas Airport, where most charter flights landing, is also the largest destination travel resorts only about 30 kilometers. With the availability of, sandy beaches, many attractions and facilities are so good holiday in Bulgaria ideal for families with children. You will find fun and perfect service. On his coming to lovers of food. Local cuisine is mainly based on fresh vegetables, fish and meat, so you can enjoy on mixed salad, MUSAC, thick soups or on the street specialty fish, fried anchovy. Food in Bulgaria is in addition considerably cheaper than for us.

Sunny Beach and Golden Sands offers quality swimming and nightlife

If you are looking really clean and large enough beaches for you Sunshine Coast the perfect choice. The biggest Bulgarian resort offers several kilometers of sand dunes and beach. Fine and unusually colored sand can also be found in the nearby resort of Golden Sands, which lie north of the city of Varna. If you get tired of lounging by the sea, in both resorts addition, you will find many restaurants, shops and a variety of adrenaline attractions. But you can also go for a walk in a nature reserve. Here you can see Hanučské deciduous forests, geological attractions and Fountain sedmipočetníků.

Nesebar delight fans of heritage

Holidays in Nessebar will please the person who likes learn about foreign cultures and historical monuments. At the sight of a new and modern city with hotels and facilities needed in fact is an old city with walls and architectural treasures of antiquity. Especially interesting are the wooden houses in narrow streets, but also the various churches. The town has a stone church Christ Pantokrator, Byzantine churches with wall paintings and a 5th century basilica. In the atmosphere is then complemented street performers and cozy cafes.

In Primorsko you will not miss homesick

Primorsko is not the largest or most modern Bulgarian resort, but its homely atmosphere annually attracts thousands of Czech tourists. "Primorsko is a relatively new tourist resort, only started to develop 30 years ago, but now offers a full range of services and is among Czech tourists very popular. Usually there to speak Czech in shops and restaurants. Primorsko is ideal for tourists who are afraid to communicate in a foreign language, "said Michal Tuma. Although Primorsko but still developing, the surrounding countryside remained unmarked. So you can visit the protected nature reserve Perla, which attracts sand dunes, in a nearby river Ropotamo Nature Reserve while you can admire water birds and plants.

Sveti Vlas provide more privacy

If you are looking more for a quieter and more intimate holiday, head for the small and stylish town of Sveti Vlas. You can gaze at the surging Balkan Mountains, go for a walk in the woods or in a nearby Elenite where you will find the old fortress. Sveti homeland but also offers quality swimming beaches in addition there are not crowded with tourists. Go here and may even families with small children.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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