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Changing energy suppliers - is shortened and dispenses with the sanctions?

The actual process of changing energy supplier in the Czech Republic usually lasts one month. To do so, however, and must be added as well as several months notice period. The European Union has previously stated that the deadline for changing supplier should not exceed 3 weeks. Now, there are considerations that this limit could be shortened to 24 hours. Reduced or completely eliminated even be fees associated with the termination of a contract for the supply of energy.

Since 2006, when it is possible to choose the electricity supplier, and since 2007, when it is possible to change gas supplier, has done a number of Czech households. This step usually takes them several months. Of the European Union's voices are heard now that the process should change supplier was significantly shortened, and it should be up to 24 hours. Reference is made while the fact that, for example, changing a mobile operator can be done in some European countries and in a few minutes.

"The process of changing supplier actually takes too long, sometimes it slowed only long notice periods, but also due to obstruction of the existing suppliers. If you have time to change suppliers shorten the process must be adapted to changes to existing supplier could unnecessarily complicate the change, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Existing suppliers, for example, refuse to accept the testimony customer due to a slight error in the name (missing diacritical marks), although other data must be quite clear about who the customer is. Supplier switching process is thus extended because the notice must be filed again with the corrected name.

"With the change energy suppliers are also particularly for early termination of contracts linked to contractual penalties in the hundreds of thousands of crowns. In our consumer counseling but we are also cases in which suppliers require an amount equal to the expected collection of energy for the duration of the contract, "says Green.

Reduction of contractual fines only up to the amount of administrative costs associated with the termination of the contract, or even their complete ban is also one of the themes that are currently dealing with European experts. "In some EU countries already currently pay a ban on contractual penalties or fees termination of contract. Reduction or complete exclusion in our country we would of course welcome, "says Green.

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