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Conservationists have identified five islands Czech wilderness, they would like to let nature

Conservationists have identified five areas where it could govern in the future wilderness. Among them are mountain forests Javorníky inland delta of the Morava River near Olomouc and mountain slopes above opencast coal CSA in the Erzgebirge. An area of ​​at least 1,000 hectares could become another popular place hájeným only wild plants and animals, but also people longing for relaxation and knowledge.

The five sites that have the potential to once again become wild and spontaneous development ponechanými, is supplemented Chřibské hills and near the sources of the Oder. According to experts, this hiding place so many natural qualities that may become new islands of wilderness in our country. In each locality would already non-intervention could prevail on a thousand hectares, potential sites are but three times larger, said Michael Hosek, one of the authors of the study for Friends of the Earth.

Last week published study has now initiate discussions between owners and managers, ministries and environmental organizations, whether it is possible at those places to declare new protected areas. Other places where mainly protect rare species or their habitats, should differ in that they are here to protect the natural processes alone, explained Elizabeth Vozníková, Head of the Landscape of the Rainbow Movement.

And that will remain open to visitors. People can relax in this place and year after year to see how the site naturally changing. Protecting these sites can by Vratislav Vozník of the Rainbow Movement to promote local development, small businesses and manufacturers.

The authors of the study, scientists Jan Dusek and Michael Hosek, the search for suitable sites took into account the state of the forests, expanding plants and animals, their migration paths and the presence of wetlands of international importance. They eliminate the only national park where natural processes are protected today. Their study can also serve as a guide on how to search for other suitable locations for a new comprehensive wilderness area.

The study suggests that the greatest potential to become the places without human intervention are especially for our latitude typical forests. Current national parks by Elizabeth Vozníkové but does not protect a representative sample of forests. Conservationists therefore calling for the creation of new protected areas with forests ponechanými natural evolution. "Les is just the type of property, it is an extraordinary community of interconnected fungi, lichens, mosses, herbs, trees, bugs, amphibians, birds, mammals and other articles that its importance goes beyond the territory of the forest, "says Elizabeth Vozníková.

It seems that once looked forests of Bohemia and Moravia, other than as a contemporary spruce monocultures record layman. According to Tomas Cat, musician and patron of Beskydy wilderness, for example, in the Beskydy songs they sing of maples, oaks and fir rather than spruce. "When you go to the pine groves, going as grave. When you go to that old natural forest, mixed with the remnants of the old beech, fir, suddenly just rozsvětlí forest, lights, singing birds there. It is a balsam, "he supported the efforts of conservationists Tomas cats.

According to environmental activists, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Western Europe, the growing demand for larger areas for wildlife. That day in the Czech Republic occupies only 0.3% of the country, for comparison: up area covers almost 11%. According to the last opinion poll, which was conducted by Masaryk University, wants to protect wildlife 71% of the citizens. Every week for us off to the countryside for leisure four million people.

Now for those who prefer gentle nature tourism prepared Duha these days also guide "Know Islands Czech wilderness." The publication contains twelve specific tips for trips, including attractions and photos recommended sites and their surroundings. All seats are yet close to major cities and easily accessible by public transport. The trails lead along footpaths and exceptions can be picnickers trails around freely. Those interested can order it for free via the website .

Author: Z. Vítková

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