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What unites Michael sepsis and Jarek Nohavica?

What unites Michael sepsis and Jarek Nohavica? Michal Šeps the Czech reggae singer who became famous thanks to its quirky part in a television contest Czech Slovak SuperStar. In this competition he has made it through to the finals, where he finished in third place. Rastaman popular with the arrival of new manager now gives itself to know and preparing news in his musical career.

Michal is one of the few Czech artists dedicated to reggae and as he himself says, his Czech pond is small and has the ambition to get at least to the European level.
Michal perfectly able to play several musical instruments. "I speak for percussion, drums, guitar, bass, violin and necessary, but my favorite gaming tool is definitely an organ," says Michael with a smile of their own. An added benefit is the imitation of many instruments of his own voice.

The singer is currently working on his first album, which will be christened Oct. 7 at 19 o'clock in the small hall of theater Ore Mountains in Teplice. On the debut album, listeners can look forward to a known but slightly modified song "Crete", but also on several other news.

Special guest of the evening, who accepted the invitation to become the godfather of the album will Jarek Nohavica.
And why him? "Jarek called me right after the contest that he likes what I do, and besides, I am of his songs won the competition even as a kid. The fact it really appreciate and respect him, "explains Michal sepsis, which has plans in addition to the issuance of additional CD not only in Czech, but also English, participate in one of the biggest reggae festivals held in Poland and start cooperating with Czech music icons . "At the moment I do not want anything more concrete and reveal when it's time, so I'll know," says the singer.

Michal founded in 2011, a group of Zimmer Frei, in which he served as frontman. From 2014 he performed with the band Tewahedo MoM, whose members were Peter Kumandžas (bass guitar), George Egrt (guitar) and Ondrej Moravec (drums).

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