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Professional education completely free for the disabled

CEMI institute in October 2016 launching eleventh year degree courses designed for executives and managers who are professional awarding of an MBA and LL.M. And this year it provides a chance to disadvantaged applicants and enables them to acquire vocational education totally free or very favorable conditions.

Thanks to the one-year study online student gets practical managerial skills in one of six possible fields, which CEMI institute under the scholarship program offers. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of an individual assessment and are provided in the amount of from 50 to 100% of the studio. "The applicant for the scholarship can be a physically handicapped person owning the card TP, ZTP or ZTP / P, or can be supported by other certificate of health disadvantage. Fellows reviewed individually, candidates must go through the entire selection process, with the first letter of motivation we assume that the application for a scholarship attach, "says institute director CEMI Mgr. Stephen Mike.

For the application shall be sending its own life story of no more than one standard that will describe the life situation and how candidates obtain professional MBA and LL.M. help to improve the labor market and why would he have to gain this scholarship. The request should also be clear how the applicant through completion of study program enriches the lives of other disabled in your neighborhood.

Application forms together with the required documents, applicants must submit, no later than August 31, 2016. Evaluation and selection of candidates, which will be granted scholarships will take place until 30 September 2016.
"I'm not afraid to say that I am studying at CEMI helped professionally move forward by leaps and bounds. The acquired knowledge and skills, I could then be used not only for their colleagues, but also for clients of our firm, I meet very often. Studying me due to career growth paid off, even financially, and I recommend it to all prospective students as an excellent investment in your personal and professional life, "he summed up his studies at CEMI successful scholarship Zbynek Sykora, who is already 15 years confined to a wheelchair.

Candidates for the scholarship can apply no later than 31 August 2016. So far granted scholarships by their value has already exceeded 1.5 million.

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