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You forgot to take a vacation charger? In this country you can handle without it

Summer is a time for trips, camping and summer festivals. What to do if we are to leave discharged the phone and we had forgotten to pack your charger? In this country it's not no big deal. Whether we are in a tent or in the city will help us ChargeBoxy.

On holiday we go to nature equipped mobile phone, navigation tablet. Smartphones us facilitate many situations, but as a reward require daily charging. Until recently, the only solution was to pack your camping or at a music festival external charger. Now a dozen places in the Czech Republic can recharge electronic devices without a charger and free.

When we forget the charger will serve ChargeBox

ChargeBoxy are charging kiosks. Cabinets with lockable boxes can recharge any mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, cameras, MP3 players and GPS navigation. "Charging is very simple and intuitive operation ChargeBoxu most customers, even fun. ChargeBoxy in the world of work for 8 years and for the entire period arose not a single problem with the phone theft or vandalism. We use certified sejfovou insert a special key that can not be duplicated, "describes the operation of charging kiosks David Ulrich, ChargeBoxů operator in the Czech Republic.

Charging Kiosks are increasingly emerging on cultural and sporting events. Most often it can be used in shopping centers, at airports or in the camps. "Last year was ChargeBox based in a camp in Lipno Larch ChargeBoxem most widely used throughout the country. During last year's season, from May to September, there's gained significant charge their devices more than five thousand people, "says Peter Blunt (E.ON).

Camping 21st century

Today is no longer synonymous with camping holiday without modern conveniences. People can in many holiday destinations use electricity for its modern facilities and transportation. "In the summer we have placed ChargeBoxy example campsite Merkur Pasohlávky, Larch at Lipno or camping Vranovská beach. In all these camps, visitors can also try e-car and ride the electric bikes, electric scooters and an electric, "says Peter Blunt.

If you go on a trip outside the camps, you can recharge your phone for free in shopping centers in the Czech Budejovice, Jihlava and Brno in Olympia, also in the Aqualand Moravia and during long journeys in the departure hall of the Brno airport. Last year this option was utilized by over 27,000 people.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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