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The fish-abroad? Only after careful preparation!

Abroad every year comes out to fish several thousands of Czechs. The most popular destinations are in Norway but also in Sweden and Spain. Hint of what is necessary to arrange and how to take care of her and protect her often very valuable equipment.

Up in foreign waters!

Domestic fishermen prefer to go to Norway, and this for several reasons. Of the Nordic countries were also able to catch a man to take the weight of 15 kilograms per person. From other countries, imports of the fish more limited. Hunting at sea off the Norwegian coast is in addition to the training rather simple. Last but not least in this country is very high confidence, thanks to the abundant catch rybnatosti with which it can compete only West Coast of the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Czech fishermen lately also popular in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Slovenia and Ireland. Among non-European destinations is preferred mainly in Canada, but also Mauritius, Madagascar and the Maldives. For true lovers of wilderness, then tour operators offer fishing trips to Mongolia, Indonesia and Venezuela.

Without permits or hook

The important information is that for fishing on the high seas is not usually necessary permits. For fishing in rivers and lakes, it is often necessary to obtain a permit from the local authorities. Requirements for obtaining It differs by country. If the fish go with a travel agency, most of the necessary documents will be made when you purchase the tour. During expeditions on your own, it is advisable to obtain important information about obtaining a permit in advance.
In the world's waters swims countless species of fish. Tactics and technique of fishing the same time between different types varies considerably.
When buying equipment is so good to think about what you hunt. The fishing shop should help you with the selection not only by type of fish, but also by water type and destination.
If you can not find an expert would advise you get valuable information from a wide number of specialized websites or forums.

Insurance necessary!

Concluding travel insurance get a reliable partner for fishing at sea and in inland waters. Insurance is in most cases not only protect you but also your equipment. Particular type depends on the destination and type of the activity.

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