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Hitchhiking - cheap travel, but with risks!

Ask waved a ride is for many people a popular and inexpensive way to travel. Experts, however, argue that the risks are tracking at least twice that of 50 years ago. If you are not deterred it from the track, let's look at what situation it is necessary to take care especially.

Hitchhiking brings among those security also certain health risks. "Autopoutníci" For example, they can very easily become involved in an accident. Therefore it is important to evaluate at least the speed of the driver, which vehicle to enter the vehicle - that is, if it appears sober, preferably neospale and trustworthy. If you begin to exceed speed limits or driving erratic, ask for the opportunity to speak.

Think ahead

Before each traveling we should think about what all can happen. This will avoid more risky situations, particularly those affecting our health. Generally this is a contagious infectious diseases such as hepatitis, foodborne infections (ie those caused by consuming food) and exotic destinations and life threatening viral diseases (yellow fever or malaria). In case autostop also be expected with a high risk of accidents or other injuries that may occur during human movement on the roads. Remember therefore essential to prevention.
Vaccination. Depending on the laws of the countries in which you are traveling may be required specific vaccination. Check with them before leaving to avoid any problems. Some vaccinations are recommended for all travelers - for example against Hepatitis A & B.
Hygiene. If you follow the principles of good hygiene, you can avoid many diseases, particularly diarrheal. If you are not sure of the purity levels in the country, rather drink tap water and bottled given preference. Before processing or eating anything goes, peel or wash properly. Likewise, thoroughly clean your hands.
Insurance. Travel insurance should be part of every trip abroad. Can save a lot of problems - whether for medical treatment on the spot or coverage often considerable expenses for treatment. You should choose such insurance, which include the costs for transport back to the Czech Republic in case of emergency.

Trace safely

A website dedicated to tracking safely give basic rules that everyone should follow tracker. His traveling should then proceed smoothly and seamlessly. What are the tips of experienced hitchiker?
Make sure that you are in a safe area of the road.
Dress in bright, highly visible colors that you have been in the shadows know well. You should be visible from both sides - ideally you can use a reflective vest.
Remember that hitchhiking is dangerous at night than during the day.
Do not place the car on the highway - drivers will most likely not pay attention and there is a greater risk of injury. In many countries it is illegal addition.
The most valuable things such as passport, wallet and phone, wear them at all times. Just in case, you have to be inconvenienced to leave the car his backpack.
Prior to joining the car to verify that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs - among the signs of intoxication can include rapid and uncoordinated speech, unbound eye contact, but also empty beer cans.
Remember the license plate and vehicle type. Ideally it before the driver talk to someone over the phone, and will know that you are under surveillance.
If there were assaults, is preferably carry a pepper spray. Never use it but if the vehicle is in motion, it could lead to an accident.
The most important rule then is: If you have any doubts, nenastupujte!

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