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Do not Stress chance! Destroys both body and soul

Stress and mental stress can adversely affect the course of many chronic diseases including multiple sclerosis. Because stress reduces the body's ability to fight disease, it is necessary to effectively defend him.

Individuals who are stressed often feel anxiety, decrease mood, irritation, difficulty concentrating and have disturbed sleep. A long lasting stress can lead to physical problems such as increased blood pressure, stomach pains or headache. Although stress is to some extent a part of everyone's life, patients with multiple sclerosis, moreover, must deal with the unpredictability of their disease, its impact on the ability to work, partner and family relationships. All this certainly represents a considerable burden, which can seriously affect their mental and physical health.

8 golden rules

Completely eliminate stress from our lives, unfortunately not. But it is possible to learn a few rules by which it can at least minimize, and partly to check:
Set realistic goals, not one that can hardly be met.
Keep a contingency plan in case it would help the disease in its path.
Get plenty of rest daily.
Understand what situations are stressful for you, better get ready for them next time, or avoid them entirely.
Exercise regularly, the movement will be present relax and reduce anxiety.
Learn one of the effective relaxation techniques, try relaxing music, nature walks or massage.
Entrust your loved ones, what is happening in you and bothering you.
Do not rely only on yourself and do not be afraid to ask your neighborhood for help.

Source: Ereska-aktivně.cz

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