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Summer with psoriasis or How to enjoy unlimited

Summer is coming and with it a relief to thousands of Czech psoriasis. Heat and humidity acceptable mostly somewhat alleviate the difficulties associated with psoriasis. Still, there are some pitfalls, which is good to give out.

Sun, yes, but in moderation

Once the mercury shoots up, coming up for psoriasis good times. Higher humidity coupled with above-average temperatures and plenty of sunshine is precisely the cocktail that doctors recommend for skin affected by psoriasis. Moisture allows the skin to better retain water and prevent the formation of scaly plaques. Sunlight brings with him again UVA rays, which have a psoriatic skin also beneficial effect. Vitamin D, which thanks to the action of radiation in the skin is formed, that helps inhibit the inflammatory processes in the body.

"With the exposure of the body to the sun but do not overdo it, good enough for 30 minutes. Multiple beams not only increases the risk of skin cancer , but it can aggravate the course of psoriasis, "says an American doctor Bruce Strober, director of the Center for the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, acting at New York University Hospital. Role plays called. Koebnerův phenomenon. It is the emergence of new foci of skin diseases such as psoriasis, due to a chemical, physical or mechanical irritation. This irritation may be just as well as sunburn.

Support not only from the outside

People with psoriasis usually have low vitamin D levels. In addition to sun exposure of the body can "deck" also supplement consumption:
milk and juice enriched with this vitamin,
vegetable fats and yogurt with vitamin D,
egg yolks
Emmenthal cheese type.

Protection must be!

To be sunning overdo it, it is good to use sunscreen. When choosing careful that the product not only protect against UVA rays, but UVB component of ultraviolet rays. Now UVB radiation is responsible for the redness of the skin , which is called burning. But also has a positive role - helps convert vitamin D to its active form. It is good to buy sunscreens that are not too perfumed. These ingredients together with preservatives is often cause allergic reactions. Although against excessive sunbathing should protect everyone, for psoriasis that's doubly true.

summer irritants

Mosquito bites or other insects constitute Although people with psoriasis greater threat than anyone else, but itching wounds often lead to its rozškrábání and formation of plaque. Another summer bait is excessive drying of the skin while bathing. Whether you are heading to the beach or the pool, it is best to have an ointment or cream that helps restore swim compromised skin barrier. The ideal is to shower prior to its application, whereby a skin wash away residues of sea salt, chlorine or other chemicals after staying in the pool.

Especially enjoy

Not all psoriasis has a beneficial effect in the summer. Those who suffer so. Seborrhea, this period may bring trouble on the contrary. Increased sweating, which irritates the skin, often exacerbated their problems. If this affects you just, it is ideal to remove excess perspiration using a washcloth soaked in cold water. So if people with psoriasis will protect against sunburn and extreme sweating, they can enjoy a summer full as anyone else.

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