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Ten Commandments for the selection of high-quality dairy products

You chew on like cheese, yoghurt, curd and other products made from milk? In stores there are plentiful. But even dairy products differ in quality. According to what it is you should choose to be the best and you get the most out of their benefits?

1. composition of the product, focus on order

The order of the individual components in the composition are sorted by share. In the first place it is mentioned ingredients, which is the product most represented - in the case of dairy products, it should be milk.

Second Less is more

In addition to the order of the individual components watch how much is comprehensive composition. Is enough, if need be composed with yogurt written only milk, powdered milk and yogurt culture. Other additives type modified starch, pectin or acidity regulator sodium citrate are not needed.

3. Each category of dairy products - what should be noticed on the label?

• Milk - fat content - ideal semi-fat version (1.5% fat)
• Cheeses - fat (during dieting should prefer low fat alternatives), and sodium content - salt (sodium content of cheese is 45 to 140 mg per 100 g - the less the better)
• Yoghurt - fat (optimum: bold variant - 2-3% fat) and the presence of thickeners (pectin, corn starch, gelatin, etc.), In fruit variants carbohydrates (ideally to 10 g per 100 g)

4th differ from the dairy plant alternatives

Recently emerging plant alternatives for dairy products. Some milk component is replaced. E.g. It is a substitution of milk fat by vegetable fat, which product is cheaper. These products may be manufactured and sold, but they must be labeled as dairy products, can not be called cheese or butter. E.g. "Bows" and butter are not the same.

5. No dye as a dye

When you read the constitution, you'll notice that there are some natural dyes. It is nothing more than an extract from plants, fruits and vegetables. The same applies in the case of flavors. Then it can not be hard to guess what is better - natural vanilla flavor and vanillin and ethyl vanillin?

6. "Strawberry" is not the same as' strawberry-flavored "

If the product is called e.g. "strawberry / strawberry 'must indeed contain strawberries. However, products with a strawberry flavor is off the hook - the word "flavor" here that plays a big role. This makes yogurt with strawberry flavor in itself does not have to have strawberries.

7. Additionally, it is not a "strawberry" as "strawberry"

The word "strawberry" may mean that the product contains strawberries, but says nothing about the amount. It can find out if you multiply if the fruit content share folder strawberries fruit.
Example: Yogurt has a 5% fruit content with a 40% share of strawberries.
Solution: 0.05 x 0.4 = 0.02 × 100 = 2%.

8. Monitor and origin of the product

All products of animal origin must be provided with veterinary oval health mark. Where you have selected the product comes, you will find watching so. "Ovals" on the label, which bears the indication of the country of final processing / product origin (eg. GB belongs to the Czech Republic).

9th Learn how to calculate the fat content in cheese

Under current legislation, it is necessary for cheeses to indicate the dry matter and fat (in%). Fat is given either as an absolute, respectively. often as a fat in dry matter (t. of dry matter.).
Example: Edam cheese 30% fat in dry matter. The declaration stated:
............... .54% Dry matter (DM).
Fat in dry matter ...... 30% (t. In the dry matter.)
Solution:% t = t x% DM DM. 100% = 30 x 54,100 = 16.2 g

Help tenth and quality marks

Not only on packages of certain dairy products appear different logos with the quality mark. Marques are Klasa and regional food. Product to earn this designation must meet demanding criteria for their quality. Klasa is a prestigious award that deserves the most honest and best quality products. Regional food-green logo on the packaging of consumer products, ensure that the product and the raw materials used in its production comes from domestic production.

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Author: Sarka Podlenová
Source: tz

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