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Tomas Kočko scores again in Europe

Tom Cat and his orchestra with his far last album Veles points in the European World Music Charts Europe. After a very long time we have managed to attract someone of the Republic of European radio DJ so that he was moved by their votes in the top ten of the prestigious chart.

"I am overjoyed! One thing is to get into the TOP 20 and the second - keep other month. Additionally, the jump! The tenth rung! The copyright album - great, "does not hide the joy Tomas cats.

Publicists and DJ, who compiled a hit parade of European WMCE regularly collected from more than two hundred albums. Ninth studio album Tomas cat appeared in the rankings last month, and on the nineteenth place, which was the springboard for the current tenth place. Ten prestigious album suits and indicates that Veles has something to offer listeners not only in the Czech Republic. More WMCE compiles monthly 46 prominent world music publicists and DJs from 24 European countries who present WMCE in European radio.

Tomas Kočko during the last year paid a record album of Veles. Immediately after the release of the album began work on completing the dramatization Vančura fairy Kubula and Cuba Kubikula. The premiere took place in November 2016 in the theater Radost Brno and Tomas cat now in addition to directing and music, took charge of the script. "Work on the children's performance for me is not new. Introducing Kubula and Cuba Kubikula is my third directing for the theater Joy. New for me was working on the script, in previous cases, I prepared music and then directed to a ready-made script. Prepare your presentation so it is great for me, although time-consuming experience. Moreover, it was very difficult to reconcile with the recording of our album. Therefore, she immediately after the Veles plunged to the theater. "

If you would but now looked into a playlist, you'll find that the sound in the headphones Thomas, music for children. He was replaced by energetic and also you could say a fiery Hungarian music band CimbalimBand. And as Thomas admits, "I soak up the atmosphere still for us a little bit different approach to folk music. The reason is simple, we got an offer from CimbalimBandu record a new joint album. "If the joint recording will end is not yet foolproof, but the blending of Moravian and Hungarian perspective on the use of the dulcimer and other traditional tools are now planned for 2017.

Pearl happening around Thomas Cat, is a report on the patronage of the project Beskydy Czech wilderness . In addition Thomas Cat prepares Veles Tour. The highlight will undoubtedly be a special concert album Baptism 19.10 Sono Center in Brno.

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