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Summer scene Harp - a summer full of stars

Summer scene Harp - a summer full of stars Until September 4 continues summer cultural program on the roof of Galerie Harfa, which this year carries the subtitle "A summer full of stars" and offers a meeting with several well-known theatrical personalities. In August, the audience can look forward to Vaclav Vydra, Jan Boušková, Jan Šulcová Ludek Saturday, Halina Pawlowska and many other stars.

The Vagina Monologues, in Paris, I was not expecting you, Daddy, when cats are at home, Světáci, what do you say, sir ?, Šmoldas Dad, Zdenek Izer and autokolektiv or League against unbelief. This July performances and entertainment programs in all cases enjoyed great spectator interest.

The August program is at least as busy and offers a lot of fun. Visitors can expect one of the biggest attractions of this year - a successful one-man show Caveman, which fulfills the auditorium throughout the Czech Republic for more than a decade. This year's hot news then and performances hostages without risk, which among other excels Vaclav Vydra Jan Stastny.

Of course, neither will miss the entertaining performances of famous personalities. Halina Pawlowska introduce themselves with talk show Appetite for Life, entertainers Luke Pavlásek, Milos Knor and Nasty their show Comedians Ltd., Ludek Saturday, George Krampol, Miluse Voborníková and other stars with the program Opening Day with Miloslav Simek. At the scene in August revisit Zdenek Izer their show Zdenek Izer and autokolektiv.

Summer scene Harp also think young viewers. On days 1 to 4 September is pleased Prague Theatre fairy tales, which celebrates its tenth birthday and anniversary this book will showcase its most successful performances. On the agenda will be lost Rats and Louis, Příhody Bee Bears, Blue Eyed Cat and musical fairytale princes are the dragon.

Program Summer Harp scene takes place even in bad weather. In case of rain, the show moved to the Theatre Gong, which, however, has slightly less capacity than the scene on the roof of Galerie Harfa. Tickets are sold on the ground in such numbers that all viewers eventually went into the spare room. If, however, he knows with certainty that the performance will take place at Galerie Harfa (Decision takes place on the day of the afternoon), released into the sale of additional vacancies. The designation "Full" does not have to mean sold out.

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