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Olympic Games Rio 2016: bearer for the Czech team will Judoka Luke Krpálek

Olympic Games Rio 2016: bearer for the Czech team will Judoka Luke Krpálek The remarkable flag-bearer will be Czech Olympic team at the Games in Rio de Janeiro. Athletes - participants of the Olympic Games in Rio - chose judo Luke Krpálka.

"I am overjoyed. I am very glad that I chose athletes. I did it because we have good athletes on the team a lot. Although I knew a lot of them will come until the second half of games, but I had no hope in it. I appreciate that, "said the twenty-five-time world champion from 2014.

First elected bearer of athletes at the European Games in Baku. "We decided to do from that tradition, so we made ​​this selection method chosen flag bearer in Rio. We want to see it was a decision themselves athletes, "said Dr. Martin, head of the Czech mission.

Double Olympic champion Flatwater first addressed the Olympians, who at the time attended the opening ceremony of the games in Rio, whether they want to participate in the ceremony. The result is a list of athletes from which they could choose standard bearer for all Olympians Rio. "And the turnout was very high," he added with a laugh Martin Doktor. "Lukas won clearly."

Krpálek already attended the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, carried the flag at the closing ceremony of the European Games in Baku. "There I had the Prime Minister. I'm glad I tried it there and now it is finishing straight at the Olympics. "

He expected more athletes choose tennis player Petra Kvitova or one of the boaters. Being the bearer of the team, it's a tribute to him, therefore, will be at Friday's launch perhaps a little nervous. "Go for the Czech Republic at the Olympics and carry the flag, it is one of the biggest things that the athlete may experience. I'm really happy, "said two-time European champion. "I really wanted to attend the launch and throughout the Olympic Games and one must carry the flag. Do to the maximum to win a lot of races to do it once did. I'm glad it worked out. "

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