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Valtice dominate costumed feast with a traditional parade and music

Valtice dominate costumed feast with a traditional parade and music The second weekend in August promises the biggest costume festival Podluží - Valtice costumed feast. Heralding the event happens Friday maypole, main program awaits visitors during Saturday, the 13th and Sunday, August 14.

During the upcoming weekend will be held in Valtice Valtické traditional costumed feast. Presage weekend event happens Friday maypole on the square in Valtice, which begins in 16 hours. The main part of the program, however, will start on Saturday morning. "At seven in the morning from the plaza comes Šohaj parade, which will be until lunchtime to invite local and cross-country at the feast and entertainment. After lunch, ask the first couple stárkovské mayor of the transmission rights feast and procession moves to the square, where Saturday's feast will be fun, "explained the chairman Valtické costumed company Miroslav Lisovska. During both days of the feast, visitors can enjoy the accompaniment of brass music Ištvánci, during Saturday evening the dulcimer Viola Veronica Jíchová.

Sunday starts feast day Mass at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary at Freedom Square in Valtice, which will begin at 10:30. Takes place in the presence of costumed as a feast to celebrate the feast of the dedication was to the local church. "Around the 14th hour sets off costumed procession led by Stark, a key element of the handover of girls' rights in 20 hours when the fun starts Sunday. At this point, the reigning STARK will resign from that of the past throws argued for girls and transmit the rights and obligations of the upcoming stárkám that the girls chose among themselves, "said Lisovska.

Costumed feast Valtice were restored in 1998, when at the same time was also Valtická costumed company that cares about local festivities. On account recently have events like February's Carnival wine or Girls Vinek.

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