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French animated film Up at the North Pole in the cinema since September 1

French animated film Up at the North Pole in the cinema since September 1 The feature-length animated film Up at the North Pole (Tout En Haut Du Monde, 2015) made as his directorial debut, the French animator and experienced designer Rémi Chaya, who has already participated in several successful animated films such as the The Secret of Kells (Brendan et le secret de Kells, 2009) or painting (Le Tableau, 2011).

The film, whose motto is charming visual aspect and a strong story with a sympathetic girl heroine playing out in an unusual environment, comes into Czech cinemas on September 1st. The picture will be featured in two versions - with subtitles and dubbing. Voices characters starring Victoria lent Taberyová (Sasha ) and Zdenek Maryška (Olukin), also act Zuzana Slavíková, Thomas Juřička, George Ployhar and more.

About the film

Fifteen-year Sasha is the daughter of wealthy aristocratic parents in Russia in the late 19th century. Dreams of the far north and mourn the fate of his grandfather Olukina, a prominent scientist and Arctic explorer who has not yet returned from his last expedition, which tried to conquer the North Pole. Olukin handed over its mission researcher Sasha, but her parents, who had already begun to negotiate a wedding, not at all approve of. And Sasha decides to defy his fate, flee from home and is determined to find Olukina ... even if she had come to the North Pole ...

How was born the project up to the North Pole?

Rémi Chaya: "In 2005 I was at La Poudrier met Claire Paoletti, who worked on the script. Her feature-length project. At that time, it fit on one page: a young girl from an aristocratic Russian family goes in search of his grandfather who disappeared between ice floes. Some time before I read the trip log, Ernest Shakletona and several other books on the prodigious act. Shakleton went on the expedition to Antarctica from one end to the other. But the ship by surprise early arrival of winter and had been trapped in the ice. Survived 22 months in extreme conditions. Incredible human story. So when I told Claire about the ship stuck in the ice, I was hooked. Build the project, finding producers and funding meant for us to develop something around 40 or 50 different ingredients with layouts with texts, images, figures and illustrations of scenes and atmosphere of the film. "

Premiere in our cinemas: September 1, 2016

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