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Olympic Games 2016: Know Rio de Janeiro and other attractions of the host country

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro this year hosts the biggest sporting event of the year, the Summer Olympics. City and dominate sports enthusiasts can admire the brand new Olympic Park and many other attractions. The most influential country in South America but Brazil is not only interesting for sports fans. It is offering a unique sights, the most famous beach of the world, the carnival and the original Amazonian forests.

Brazil, which occupies nearly half of the South American continent, it is clearly his most countries. Providing considerable diversity. The northern region of the country offers rainforests and tropical climate, the inland again the biggest mountain of the world. The whole East Coast is then lined with sandy beaches that allow quality swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and the exuberant nightlife. Country is so good destination for lovers of beach lounging and for those who seek adventure.

Olympics for the first time in South America

Organizing the Olympic Games is a great event for Brazil. For it is the first time that the games take place on the territory of South America. Country and invested enormous sums in setting up 35 sports, where athletes from around the world competing for precious metals. Most sports arenas located in the western part of Rio de Janeiro in the vast Olympic park, sports competitions but will also host some important sights. Copacabana Beach, for example, will play beach volleyball, the city of São Paulo again come alive with football. With the organization of games of course, but are also associated increased security measures, the country is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the games. "Though Brazil is experiencing a boom, locals are still among the poorest. Tourists should thus always respect the advice of hotel staff and not stay in a potentially dangerous slum areas without an escort, "says Michal Tuma (Invia).

Traveling without unnecessary paperwork

Travel to Brazil for Czech tourists who do not plan on territory stay longer than 90 days, without limitation, a valid passport is sufficient. In the popular tourist destinations, you can enjoy high quality hotel services and excellent cuisine. A typical example meat with beans, also known as fejoada meat or churrasco needle by dozens of vegetables and chilli. To the east of the country, you can also enjoy seafood and fish, including freshwater piranhas. In restaurants, plus you get a full meal for a very reasonable price.

To Rio beach on carnival

Rio de Janeiro will host in August especially sports fans. Whether, however, going to the Olympics or want to visit Brazil just as Rio should not be missed. In the city that never sleeps, because there are several tourist gems. At first sight the monumental statue of Jesus the Redeemer, which towers over the city. Similarly, an attractive view over the city, it offers close to Sugar Loaf. Rio de Janeiro is a city but also fun. Here you can visit the world-famous Copacabana beach, which provides year-round great service and excellent conditions for swimming. But if you want to experience the real Rio, head here in February when the Carnival season. On the biggest party of the year is to see thousands of dancers sensual samba, colorful costumes and floats interesting.

São Paulo for art lovers

São Paulo is not Brazil's most visited city, on their own here but definitely lovers of classical art. The local art museum are in fact able to see rare works from world-renowned painters such as Renoir and Rembrandt. Entrance to the museum is also completely free. "Another attraction of this city's skyscrapers street, which is home to major companies and financial centers," adds Michal Tuma, adding that São Paulo is the seventh largest city in the world.

Through the forest on a trip and cruise ships

Contrast to the bustling cities full of life are natural parks and reserves, which in Brazil is several hundred. Near Rio de Janeiro find Tijuca National Park or the Serra dos Orgaos, who is described as meku climbers. For divers, in turn, is an attractive marine national park with coral reefs on the border of the Federal State of Bahia. But the jewel of Brazil remains the Amazon and its rainforests. Here you can watch the untamed Amazon and original flora and fauna, which is due to human activities is becoming increasingly vulnerable. "The best starting point for visiting the forest is the capital of the Amazon in Manaus, where you can organize day trips. Interested but can also choose eco-friendly accommodation directly in the forest or cruise on the Amazon, "adds Michal Tuma.

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