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Sources - village, which almost disappeared!

Sources - village, which almost disappeared! Village Sources at Marienbad, the media known as the most indebted village in the Czech Republic, hosts 12 to 21 August unique event "revitalize Sources". The whole week will be in the village form a group of sculptors, painters, architects and ethnologists, in theory as well as physically in the form of small interventions and works of art.

Is poised rich and varied program for the public - concerts, performances, readings, dance performances, lectures, gallery openings, exhibitions and discussions. Other concerts include Dominik Zezula (Children between reprákama) Space Love or young poets from nameless generation. The organizer of the project is the association of municipalities Recovery Sources.

Sources Sudeten village is located ten kilometers from Marianske Lazne and in the last sixty years have passed Ore times. In addition to the expulsion of the original German-speaking population occurred in 1947, the occupation of the village in a military training area - a short time under the guns of the Czechoslovak army fell most of the houses in the village, including the church and there was a disruption of one's roots and traditions. From the charming historic town that remains relatively bleak torso of a hundred inhabitants that today afflict large debts.

Sources, however, still have something to offer. Set amid magnificent unspoiled nature Slavkov Forest, near the world of spa in the region with a unique atmosphere, healing water resources and the cleanest air in the whole country.

The aim of the action comes alive Sources revitalize the community long-term and short-term, show her in a different light and showcase it to the public as the place is still a bit neglected, but definitely worth a visit.

All week August 12 to 21 will be in the village work group of students of architecture, ethnology, anthropology and several painters and sculptors - this year undergraduates from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Architects will be in their projects to process vision of the future shape devastated and dysfunctional public spaces, try to find their potential in relation to local residents and visitors. Ethnologists will, along with local search their relationship to a place and an idea of ​​how one community might look like. A group of sculptors set itself the goal to restore the historic Way of the Cross to the ruins of the chapel of the Virgin Mary. Use several preserved columns stop, which will complement the new proposal of their own.

Participants will stay at the historic City Hall building and the vast majority of cultural events for the public will take place at the former village square, where in the 50s became a church and a number of the most important houses of the village. Today the area looks more like a neglected meadow, symbolically to it will therefore once again turned attention.

Already on Friday, 8/12 launch a cultural program for the public and film screening of the film End of August at the Ozone. Czechoslovak film in 1966 by director Jan Schmidt recounts the world after a nuclear disaster and filmed in scenes of a devastated landscape military area Doupov, at a place very similar springs and their surroundings.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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