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Refreshing summer menu with herbs that relieve difficulties heart and intestines

Traditional Chinese medicine called summer fire season. This element is most vulnerable heart and small intestine, which was in the summer frequently suffer health problems. It is therefore appropriate to those authorities to adapt their activities and meals.

Summer diet should include as much water, fresh vegetables and healthy herbs. Rejuvenate with superior herb menu:

Drink lemonade with lemon Thyme

Refresh, will supply the necessary fluids, please digestion and is ready for the moment. To prepare syrup thyme lemonade need half a liter of water, 200 grams of sugar, the juice of 10 lemons and a few twigs of thyme. Water, sugar, thyme and cook until sugar is dissolved, then Strain and let cool in the refrigerator. Once the drink is cold, place the jar a few ice cubes, pour the lemon juice, add the finished syrup and eventually fill with water.
Tip herbalist "Thyme is excellent for bowel health. Acts against diarrhea, bloating and inflammation in the digestive tract. In addition, the anti-inflammatory effects, fights against bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other intestinal parasites in the abdomen, "says herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Salad: Cucumber salad with mint dip

Fresh vegetables is good for health and well refreshed. To prepare cucumber salad you need a cucumber diced, crushed clove of garlic and half the chopped red onion. Dip all you need freshly chopped mint bundle, which you mix with the yoghurt and sprinkle it with lemon juice. Spice can salt and pepper.
Tip herbalist "Peppermint excels beneficial effects on the digestive tract. It has strong antiseptic effect, reduces flatulence and generally improves digestion. In addition, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the central nervous system, "recommends herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Main dish: turkey breast with sage and spinach

In summer or main course had to be bold and difficult for the heart and intestines. Refrain from consuming calorie meals and prepare a diet of turkey with herbs. The poultry meat is perfectly suited, for example, aromatic sage that the recipes found many uses. For this dish you prepare 4 slices of turkey breast, which tenderize and season lightly with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of olive oil with fresh sage, finely chopped. In the oil fry the meat swung from both sides, then reduce the heat and pour water or broth until the meat softens. This combination tastes great example with steamed spinach.
Tip herbalist "Sage reduces sweating in the summer. At the same herb can alleviate the symptoms of gynecological problems and urinary tract infections, which in the hot months, women often suffer, "explains herbalist Podhorná.

Dessert: Lavender Ice Cream

Fragrant lavender refreshing ice cream at the end of the menu you stir in your body good digestion and mood. Prepare 80 grams of sugar grit, which with 300 ml of milk and a handful of lavender flowers stir over low heat so that the mixture did not pass boiling, until sugar is dissolved. If you prefer sweeter ice cream, you can add sugar to your liking. Result let cool in the refrigerator, then drain and add 300 ml whipping cream. If you do not have home ice-cream maker, pour the mixture directly into a sealable container and place in freezer.
Tip herbalist, "Lavender has a great importance in the aromatherapy. Its fragrance soothes, wards off depression, and if her serve it for dinner, induces pleasant sleep. Lavender is also beneficial for the body because it inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces blood pressure, also attests to the spasms of the stomach and regulates intestinal activity at flatulence and diarrhea, "says herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Source: tz Nadě, editorially modified

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