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Italy, Spain, Greece: you know what you need to do before the holiday?

Southern Europe is a popular destination for summer recreation. Sandy and pebble beaches, the Mediterranean diet and interesting culture here lure thousands of tourists every year. But you can relax and enjoy the fullest of health, it is wise to leave well prepared.

Italy, Spain and Greece belong to health concerns among safe country. However, it is good to be wary and stick to the basic rules that every traveler should know.

I need vaccinations?

Before traveling to any destination by tourists should validate their basic vaccinations (ie, measles, mumps and rubella, also called. The hexa and tetanus vaccination). For some people are after consultation with your doctor appropriate, the following vaccinations:
Hepatitis A - Hepatitis A virus is spread worldwide, even in countries with low health risk. Infect the most contaminated food or water. Ask why your doctor if the vaccine is right for you.
Hepatitis B - this virus is transmitted by blood and sexual contact. Vaccination is recommended if you plan in the country tattoos or piercings, you'll find a new partner or undergoing medical treatment.
Rabies - Rabies is present in Greece at bats and that they can also be infected by stray dogs. In Italy and Spain, it is present also in other mammals, therefore, prefer to avoid contact with unfamiliar animals. Vaccination is necessary only for individuals who will enjoy outdoor activities when exposed to bat bites (eg. In caves), or professionals working with risk animals.

Tips for staying without injury

Carefully wash fruits and vegetables and should prefer bottled water.
Resist insect bites - watch your body and clothing stock up effective repellents.
Be careful during outdoor activities, especially in sports and swimming. Protect yourself from injury and the use of protective equipment.
Stay away from unknown animals.
Pay attention to hygiene.
Avoid contact with human fluids,
such as saliva, blood, etc. They are transmitted diseases such as HIV or hepatitis B and C.
Find out in advance where for when you need medical assistance.

Never forget travel insurance, even for short journeys. Trauma can occur at any time, much like a toothache. Insurance avoids problems with rejection treatment and sometimes pay a very high sums for doctors or for transportation back to the Czech Republic in the event of a serious accident.

It's good to know how it goes

If you are traveling to countries where they may be subject to different rules, you'd better learn in advance what was in the state can and can not or what are their habits. An interesting example may be, for example, in Spain, the inability to travel by hitchhiking or obligation to switch off mobile phones while refueling. Italy's valid laws against trafficking in counterfeit goods. Any purchase of such products on the beach or from street vendors can be fined up to 10,000 euros. And if you carry a knife in Greece or spray tear, it will be considered illegal possession of arms. Likewise, in this country freely nezakempujete - outside the official camping is camping is strictly prohibited. In all count appointed destinations with a certain degree of general crime. Protect yourself against pickpockets and petty theft, especially travel documents.

The difficulty for doctors

If after returning from holiday, you feel good, you'd better see a doctor - ideally a specialist in travel medicine. Provide it with all necessary information about their journey, thus the length of stay in a particular area, taken tours and other activities. Do not forget to mention the bite, scratch or unusual animal bites.

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